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Family History 

Dibdin, Rowntree and others


We are sad to let you know that 
Joanna Guise (née Rowntree)

died at 5.15 am on Friday 29
th of March 2019
following years of illness.

The funeral is to be held on 
Saturday 13
th April

Adel Quaker Meeting House with
Committal at the grave at 2.30 pm
Memorial Celebration in the Meeting House at 3.00pm.

and will be followed by a funeral tea.

Link to more details 
and later there will be Eulogies.

New in 2019

Expansion of Haycraft webpages  


New in 2018

Collection of 1000 negatives of Paul Rowntree
Photographs of places in Copenhagen relevant to the Guise - Giese Family.
Details of the work of Aglio at Woolley Hall

New in 2017

A effort to collect together images of Work by Agostino Aglio and his son Augustine.
A Complete set of 26 Communiqués from Paul Rowntree sent home to York during the Blitz during WW2 August 1940 to March 1941
Additional information regarding Lawrence Rowntree's experience in a tank in WW1

New in 2016

The Life and Times of the Dibdin - Aglio Family 
A summary setting the family in a historical context  1745 - 1925

Some Photographs relating to the Fleuss-Wilson Family - captioned

Some Photographs relating to the Fleuss-Wilson Family - not captioned

Addendum 2016  to 
Aspects of the Fleuss and Related Families
in  WORD  in PDF

Analysis of letters to the Aglios and articles relating to the contents of these letters in the mid 1800's.

The Summer house Project at Buckingham Palace

Residences of the Aglios, family and other artists in the 1800's.

Details of Lawrence Rowntree in WW1 and Diary of time with the FAU

New in 2015

New information about the Fleuss Family
Including links to Frankland, Wilson, Heinrich and Guise
More photographs relating to Dibdin Family
More photographs relating to Haycraft Family
Drawings of Reinforced Dam for the State of Louisiana Dept of Conservation
 by Frederick Joe Dibdin
Seven Sketches by A.Aglio
The Enthronement of Queen Victoria by A.Aglio and other works
The second Scrapbook of paintings and poems assembled by Augustine Aglio
Selection of Paintings by Augustine Aglio
Paintings by John Absolon
Paintings by T.C.Dibdin
Paintings by Joan Welburn nee Dibdin
A collection of Family Graves
The Guise - Fleuss Family --- A rebuild of the webpages
Peter Haycraft Dibdin  - Aspects of his short life    -     Museum

Index of Family Trees

New in 2014

Paul Rowntree - Aspects of his life.
A little about the life of  Percy Woollard and his family.
Family Origins in Suffolk, Constable Country, and Percy's time in WW1.
Photographs of the Estate House, Leladene or Camilla Lacey in Surrey, and the furniture and contents of the building.

New in 2013

Paul Rowntree in Wartime London

Re-write of Colin Rowntree in WW1 
                      including WW1 Diaries, Photos and Documents 

Introduction to One Branch of the Rowntree Family in WW1 Era


An Introduction to the Friend Ambulance Unit in WW1

The significance of Chiswick to the Family as a Habitat.

Details of a Rowntree Cruise in 1936

Family Trees and history relating to the Guise & Fleuss Families 

Photographs relating to the Guise & Fleuss Families 

Summary of artist and artisan members of the family.

125 Sketches by T.C.Dibdin

Complete Gallery of Elsie Marshall's Paintings

New in 2012

Three Lives in World War 2   Tony Guise, Joan and their son
Additions to Rowntree and Begg Photograph Albums

Details of the life of Paul Rowntree

Picture Album - Scrapbook containing work by the Aglio's and others.

This site attempts to assemble historical information about a number of interrelated families, notably the two above but the extent of the list is considerable. For some families and individuals, the current information is limited but is offered so as to complete the overall pattern.
Generally the pages can be printed successfully as A4.

Short Summary

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Areas of Interest

New in 2010-11

Family Works of Art

Various items of interest

Topics of Special Interest 

for various families

New in 2011

An index of articles some that  look at the 
relationships between family members
The Family in WW1 & WW2
Haycraft -Dibdin Connection
Catalogue of residences of many individuals and families.
A Dynasty of Artists
Ancestral Fantasy
Link to webpage giving details of Camilla Lacey Estate 
Link to New Leladene Website - Camilla Lacey
William Joseph Dibdin    New Details and Photographs  
Autobiography of William Joseph Dibdin

Letters from Marian to her brother Lionel from Australia.

Comments and references related to letters from Australia including further family details
A Dynasty of Artists
based on a Document by Marian Montford nee Dibdin
New information about Agostino Aglio including his Autobiography and biography
Article about Moorfields Church
New information about Augustine Aglio  (Junior)
Information regarding the connection between Aglio, Absolon and Dibdin
Aglio Museum of interesting bits and pieces
Press Cutting for Laetitia Dibdin - Singer
Catalogue of articles regarding the early Dibdin family 
namely Charles and Thomas Dibdin 
 Sue Eayre nee Reed and Reed Family
 - Rowntree Connection

Additions to letters and lives of 
Stanley Haycraft and Lionel & Joe Dibdin

Ancestral Fantasy

Links to Family Homepages

Aglio Absolon  Dibdin  Jones Tetley
Clarke     Davis Haycraft
Fleuss Guise Rowntree Gray  
  Giese   Thorp  
      Begg Carlile
  Welburn   Marshall Wright



Aglio Agostino Aglio Senior 1777-1857

Artist and Engraver

Letitia Aglio  nee Clarke 1783-1849  
Augustine Aglio  Junior 1817-1885 Artist Photographer Scultor
Mary Elizabeth Aglio   1818  
Emma Walsh Aglio     Married to Francis Walsh
Margaret Aglio  nee Absolon 1813  
Letitia M Aglio 1848 Married Fred Pape
Marian Aglio  1851-1928 Married W.J.Dibdin
Mysie  Aglio EM 1853  
Absolon John Absolon     Artist
Margaret Absolon     Married Augustine Aglio
Hugh Wolfgang de Mansfield Absolon      
Begg Samuel Begg 1854-1936 Engineer and Illustrator
Ada  Begg nee Nelson Angie 1868-  
Mary Begg   1894-1967  
Carlile Agnes Warrand Wilson g.dau. of J.Carlile 1824 Married to S.Begg snr.
Clarke Letitia Clarke     Married to Agostino Aglio
Robert Clarke      
Davis John Davis   1911-2006 Soldier and Manager
Pat Davis      
Geoffrey Davis      
Ethel Gertrude Davis  nee Haycraft 1885- Gertie

Charles Dibdin

  1745-1814 Songwriter - poet
Thomas John Dibdin   1771-1841 Dramatist
Thomas Colman Dibdin   1810-1893 Artist
Anne Alice Dibdin  nee Jones     
William Joseph Dibdin   1850-1925 Analytical Chemist
Marian Dibdin  nee Aglio    
Lionel Aglio Dibdin   1881-1933 Property Developer
Marian Alice Dibdin   1882-1969 Artist -Married Paul Montford 
Reginald Aglio Dibdin   1883-1957 Analytical Chemist
Augustine Aglio  Dibdin   1885-1909 Died at 24 yrs. old
Laetitia Frances Dibdin   1886-1948 Opera Singer
Frederick Joseph Aglio Dibdin   1888-1956 Engineer - America
Christine Dibdin   1889-1967 Lived in Meols
Ethel Margaret Dibdin   1879-1960 Went tot New Orleans
Margaret Mysie Aglio Dibdin   1896-1978 Lived in Kew
Peter Haycraft Dibdin   1913-1943 Estate Management - Soldier 
Stanley Aglio Dibdin   1910-1917  Pneumonia
Joan Mary Dibdin   1920-2008 Married to Guise then Welburn
Artist and Musician
Gray  William Gray      
Donald Gray     Head of Bootham
Kathleen Gray      
Mary Anna Gray   1862-1933 Married to Fred Rowntree
Bootham  Grays      
Guise Jules Carl Guise  was Giese    
Jules Guise    1889-1938 ?  
Vera Agnes Guise  nee Fluess    
Anthony Benoit Guise   1916-1944 Artist
Joan Mary Guise  nee Dibdin 1920-2008 Artist and Musician
Haycraft Cecily Grace Haycraft   1882-1933 Pianist- Married Lionel Dibdin
Stanley Muirhead Haycraft   1891-1969  
Ethel Gertrude Haycraft    Gertie 1885- Married Lewis Davis
Edith Mary Lilian Haycraft    1881- Head - Towers School -Saltburn
Bernard Willetts Haycraft   1877-1949 Went to Nottingham
Jones William Taylor Jones   1814 Clergy  and teacher
Anne Alice Jones   1817 Married to T.C.Dibdin
George Jones      Doctor 
Marshall Robert and Maria Marshall  


Elsie Marshall   1908-2002 Artist- Comptometers
Alfred Marshall   1891-1973 GPO manager
Kit Marshall  nee Wright 1894-1971  
Gwendoline Elsie Marshall   1920-2003 Teacher, married P.Rowntree
Bob Marshall   1890-1971 GPO & craftsman
Florence Marshall the older 1889- 197?   
Florence Marshall  the younger    Teacher
Ted Marshall    1902?- 1970? Worked for AEC Ltd
Montford Paul Montford    1868 - 1938 Sculptor
Marian Alice Montford  nee Dibdin 1882-1969 Artist 
Pape Frederick Pape          
Letitia Margaret Pape  nee Aglio      
Reed Susan Rebecca Reed    1942-2010 Teacher USA
Rowntree Benjamin Seebohm Rowntree          
Frederick Rowntree   1860-1927 Architect
Mary Anna Rowntree  nee Gray 1862-1933  
George Rowntree      
Colin Rowntree   1891-1965 Architect
Mary Rowntree  nee Begg    
Douglas Rowntree   1888-1966 Architect
Judith Mary Rowntree (Molly)  1893-1989 Married to Ralph Thorp
Paul Rowntree   1920-1999 Doctor
Gwendoline Rowntree  nee Marshall    
Bootham  Rowntrees      
Thorp Henry Thorp      
Ralph Thorp      
Bootham  Thorps      
Welburn Douglas Welburn      
Joan Welburn   nee Dibdin 1920-2008  (1st Marriage to Guise)
Artist and Musician
Wright Kit  Wright  (Kate) 1894-1971 Married to Alfred Marshall
Frank Wright   1895?-1918 Soldier WW1
Percy Wright   1886?-1915 Soldier WW1
More Wrights       
Walsh James Walsh      
Francis Augustine Walsh      
Emma Walsh Walsh  nee Aglio    
Woollard Percy      
George and other family member
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John Bentley       Architect

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