Biographical Excerpt of Agostino Aglio

Translation from Alphabetic Biography of Painters, Sculptors and Architects from Cremona
1827 by Giuseppe Grasselli

Aglio Agostino. Son of Gaetano, proponent notary, and of Anna Maria Mondoni, was born in Cremona on 15th December 1777. He developed the talent of painting since an early age, and was therefore sent by his father to Milan in order to learn more from Professor Giocondo Albertoli. He then moved to Rome to perfection the art to Campovecchio Mantovano’s academy, a well known and respected landscape architect. After moving to various countries, he settled down in London, and from there he wrote a letter to his brother,Pietro, dated 02/04/1819, in which he told that from the project and direction of Gio. Battista Comolli of Milan, the Catholic Church of Moor-Fields was built. Here he was appointed to paint a picture representing a scene of the Mount of Calvary (Gol'gotha) or the death of Christ, with around 150 people, 45 ft long and 25ft large. He was also asked to decorate the whole central aisle with medals representing the assumption of the virgin Mary with angles and the 12 apostles contemplating her. After around 30 years away from his homeland, he was sent to Italy (and to many of the most famous European libraries) by a society of English Literates a few days in order to find copies of some old American codes which managed to escape the Loioliti.

The Loioliti are a religious order, and it is understood when translated into English as the Jesuits.

This book is available on the web through Google Books

On the original fax from the archives there was reference to 1984 !

Details for the History of Moorfields Church


Thanks to the staff of the Cimitero in Cremona and to the State Archives of Cremona for finding the above biography.

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