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The following as a word Document

Summary of the Life and Work of Agostino Aglio
From handwritten notes presumed to be 
by Augustine Aglio (Junior)

Agostino Aglio. Son of Gaetamo Aglio and Marianne Mondini, was born in Cremona on the 15th December 1777. In the year 1787 placed in the College of Barnabiti at S. Alessandro at Milan. A great favourite of the preceptors Aglio signalizing himself by being presented to the Emperor Joseph II as one of the most distinguished pupils.

At the academy Brera he studied ornamental drawing under Professor Giocondo Albertolli, Architecture under Professors Polacchi and Piermarini, Fresco Painting under Appiani and sculpture under Professor Rusca


Agostino Aglio born in Cremona


College in Milano


At Rome he studied landscape painting under Campovecchio di Mantova.


Introduced to Mr William Wilkins (architect) by Canova the Sculptor, Angelica Kaufmann and Cardinal Dugnami. Travelled with Mr Wilkins through Sicily, Greece and Egypt making drawings of the principal antiquities there.


returned to Rome for Study at the Vatican and St. Peters


by invitation of Mr Wilkins arrived at Gravesend on 13th December. Went direct to Cambridge to meet Mr Wilkins, entered Caius College completed the work in aquatint of The Antiquities of Magna Grecia for Mr Wilkins, the work published by Longmans in 1807.


Engaged in the painting room of the Majestic Theatre


Married Letitia Clarke


In the painting room of Drury Lane Theatre and decorated the Majestic Theatre for Mr Taylor the proprietor


Decorated the drawing room of Captain Mortimer Ackworth York and at Woolley Hall the Banqueting rooms for Godfrey Wentworth Esquire


Visited Ireland, painted 12 pictures of Killarney 10 for the merchant at Martinique and 2 purchased by the Marquis of Lansdowne.


Decorated the interior of the new theatre called the Pantheon in Oxford St.


Executed in ink 12drawings on stone, views of Killarney, the first lithographic drawing published in England. printed by the new presses employed by the admiralty office.


Resident at Edward Square for 7 years Kensington 1 painted cabinet pictures


Decorated drawing room at Woolley Hall Yorkshire.


Painted in fresco the ceiling and the whole of the arcade of the Roman Catholic Church at Moorfields representing the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the altar picture 55ft x 630 ft. representing the Crucifixion.


Lithographic Drawings, portraits Landscapes and more


Many lithographic printed by Humandell published by Chater & others.


painted new backdrop for the Haymarket Theatre


painted doorway ???????? at Woburn Abbey for the Duke of Bedford


Drawing of Mexican Antiquities at Egyptian Hall for Mr Bullock .

Facsimili Copies of ???? Mrs S at ???????? for Lord Kingsborough


Commenced journey of discovery of ancient Mexica ??? .

Paris June till November then Dresden


January Berlin till February, then Dresden till April, Vienna then in August to Italy, Cremona, when at Rome painted large picture of Christ entering Jerusalem.


May Paris, Sept London, November Paris


London still enjoying much mezzotint work of Mexican Antiquities


painted large picture representing Christ restoring sight to the blind in the possession of Lord Mountcashel 2


Finished the work of Mexican Antiquities called Mexican Antiquities by A. A.Aglio, published in seven volumes, three volumes of text were edited by Lord Kingsborough.


Painting in fresco the interior of Town Hall Manchester. Completed in 1834


Altar picture at Moorfields Chapel repaired Ceiling in Fresco over Altar in Chapel Duncan Terrace Islington


painted portrait of Queen Victoria in State Robes engraved and published by Ag Engravers – painting bought by Lord Palmerston.


Fresco for chapel in Reading – painted large picture of the Enthronization of Queen Victoria


Engraved in mezzotint3 by A.Aglio painted portrait of the Queen in state robes. Engraved by Dawe. Painted an elaborate picture representing Pope Leo XII Benediction on Easter Monday at St John the Lateran at Rome.


Then elaborate picture for Mr Hughes at Halifax Yorkshire


painted many pictures for gentlemen resident in Yorkshire, visiting Leeds, painted large picture representing Christ in the Garden for Mr Goodman and placed over the alter an the Parish Church at Leeds


painted half length picture representing Moses breaking the Tablets ?????? pictures for Mrs Burton.


Exhibited Cartoon at Westminster Hall.

By command of Queen and Prince Consort painted ceiling of the pavilion in the gardens of Royal Buckingham Palace


By command of the Queen and Prince Consort a room and ceiling called the Pompeian Room in the pavilion in encaustic4.


painted large picture for competition representing the baptism of Christ.


Painted in encaustic the drawing room, library and dining vestibule at Woolley Hall for Godfrey Wentworth Esquire


Exhibited at Westminster Hall "Rebecca"


Decorated the Ceiling of the new Olympic Theatre which opened 26th December 1849


He became paralysed

The last work during his life with the exception of some water colour drawings executed with his left hand during the years 1852 to 1856


30th January he departed this life just in the 80th year of his life – he is buried in Highgate Cemetery.


This summary of Agustino Aglio’s life has been typed from some hand written notes found among family papers. I have reason to believe that they were written by his son Augustine Aglio, probably in preparation for discussion with Agostino’s Biography, Tratto Dalle Memorie Inedite Sulla Vita E Opere Di Agostino Aglio Pittor Cremonese by Federico Sacchi 1868. A copy of this book was also found among the papers.

The following is offered as evidence:

  1. The name A.Aglio is written in the same style at the signature of A.Aglio Junior

  2. There is at least one detail in the notes that is not in the Biography

  3. Federico Sacchi wrote in his introduction –

"Nel pubblicare adunque questo umile saggia reputo mio special dovere di dichiarare, che al Signor Agostino Aglio Juniore io vado anzitutto debitore di quella congerie di materiali che mi agevolarono la va alla realizzazione di quell' idea eminentemente patriottica, di cui Cremona deve interamente a Lei la generosa iniziativa."

Draft Translation.
In adunque ( muster) publish this humble wise believe my special duty to declare that Mr Augustine Aglio Junior I go first debtor than patchwork of materials that was made easy for me goes to the
realization of that 'eminently patriotic idea, which must Cremona entirely was generous initiative

London W8 6HE
Of Ireland
Mezzotint is a printmaking process of the intaglio family, technically a drypoint method. It  was the first tonal method to be used, enabling half-tones to be produced without using line or dot based techniques like hatching, cross-hatching or stipple. Mezzotint achieves tonality by roughening the plate with thousands of little dots made by a metal tool with small teeth. In printing the tiny pits in the plate hold the ink when the face of the plate is wiped clean. A high level of quality and richness in the print can be achieved.
Encaustic is process involving powdered pigment in a wax like beeswax.