Notes on the Life and Works of Augustine Aglio
Artist of Cremona
And Author of the Mexican Antiquities

By Frederick Sacchi

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It should be made clear that Augustine Aglio referred to in this Biography was born Agostino Aglio and that thorough care in research is required in not confusing him with his son Augustine Aglio, born in England. It was obviously in his interests at time for Agostino to call himself Augustine since from 1803 he lived and worked in England.

After due consideration it is now realised that the hand written document, from which this typing have been taken, was an English translation from the book. This view is based on the reference at the end of part 2 to the Latin quotation as being on page 27 which is where it is in the Italian publication. The fact of this sequence explains why the English is somewhat laboured in places and occasional differs from the meaning in the Italian. The reader is about to see a early English translation of an Italian Book written by Frederico Sacchi who did dwell in this country and obtained much of his material verbally from Agostino Aglio and his son Augustine and from Agostino’s autobiography and notes from Augustine. 

There are occasional annotations, in square brackets, to clarify some points. There is need for more work to be done as in places the translation is not accurate and can be misleading. A more correct translation is sometimes notes in square brackets.

Occasionally *** is shown to indicate where a word cannot be read. 

It is puzzling as to why the author Frederick Sacchi included 2 appendices about Father Bernard Sahagun and his work, although it must be said that there are interesting documents and the issues are just as relevant today. The term Salvage Ethnography comes to mind !

Whether it is worth putting any more effort into the interpretation of this translation is uncertain. It may be more to the point to write another biography based on the full range of sources and works that are available taking a careful look at the original Italian biography.

R.G. March. 2011

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