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Catalogue of works by Agostino Aglio
1777-1857     Painter & Engraver 

Under developed

 Title  Comment
To Godfrey Wentworth Junr Esqre this series of Sketches of the Interior and Temporary Decorations in Woolley-Hall, Yorkshire; drawn, painted, and etched by 
A. Aglio:
(Unknown Binding - 1821)
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Studies of Various Trees and Forest Scenery, drawn from nature. no. 1, 2 by Augustine Aglio (Unknown Binding - 1831)  -    See Amazon
Link to a number of original prints
Aglio's School of Ornaments archived  - Link to details

200 Neoclassical Designs and Motifs   

Copy archived  
now published by Dover Books
The Enthronisation of Queen Victoria archived - Link to details
Belzoni, G. View of the Interior of the Temple of Carnak. Illustrated by Aglio. John Murray. 1820.  Link to details
Belzoni, G: City of Baccus on the Lake Moeris. Illustrated by Aglio. 1820. Link to details
View of the Temples at Abu Simbel, Nubia, engraved by Augustine Aglio   
Giovanni Battista Belzoni
Link to details
Views in the Valley of Aosta. Drawn from nature by Major Cockburn, and on stone by A. Aglio and T. M. Baynes. Thirty plates by James Pattison Cockburn, Augustine Aglio, and Thomas Mann Baynes (Unknown Binding - 1823) Link to details
The Majestic Theatre  
The Antiquities of Magna Grecia Longmans 1807 for Mr. Wilkins  
Drawing Room - Ackworth Yorkshire.   
Woolley Hall for Godfrey Wentworth  
12 Pictures of Killarney  
Pantheon Theatre   
Moorfields RC Church  Link to details

Hand Copied Article from the Magazine of Fine Arts London 1821

Doorway at Woburn Abbey  
Antiquities of Mexico
Link to the complete work on Mexican Antiquities 
at Real Academia de la Historia
Started 1825 - Link to details
Painting of Christ giving sight to the Blind  
Manchester Town Hall 1831-1834   - Link to details
Print of Blackfriers Bridge - Manchester Link to details
Print of Shop in Market Street - Manchester Link to details
Sketches of Manchester dignatories Link to details
Parish Church Leeds  
Moses Breaking the Tablets  
Painted the Pompeian Room at Buckingham Palace  
The Baptism of Christ  
Various sketches and designs archived  -  Link to details
Painted the decoration of the Olympic Theatre in Old Wych Street (later Aldwych)--  Original designs archived
Link to details
Watercolors  with his left hand 1852 -1856 - archived
Temple on the Road to Berenice on the Red Sea
after a drawing by Sarah Belzoni
print archived. - Link to details
The Thames Tunnel  print archived  - Link to details