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Agostino Maria Aglio Senior  

(Augustino or Augustine)


Painter & Engraver


Self Portrait

Born 15 Dec 1777 in Cremona

Father:        Gaetano Aglio
Mother:      Anna Maria Mondoni
He had one brother and two sisters who died of smallpox within a year of his birth .

Married : Letitia Clarke 
16th March 1805 
Saint Anne Soho, Westminster, London, 

son Augustine Aglio
daughter Emma Walsh
daughter Mary Elizabeth

Died 30 January 1857  

Link to The Clarke Family

Link to the Walsh Family

Painting by his Great Granddaughter 
Marian Aglio Montford (nee Dibdin)

 Agostino Aglio from Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
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Agostino Aglio Sr. was born at Cremona in 1777 and came to England in 1803 at the invitation of Mr William Wilkins (architect). He married Letitia Clarke in 1805.
His work includes frescos of walls and ceilings, drawings, mezzotints, aquatints engravings and lithographs. He became paralysed in 1849 and then produced a number of watercolour paintings with his left hand.

That he was well respected by Italy and particularly Cremona is demonstrated by the biographical references to him and to his having a road in the town named after him.
Federico Sacchi, arelation, wrote his biography in 1868
and  there is  reference to him in the Alphabetic Biography of Painters, Sculptors and Architects from Cremona, 1827 by Giuseppe Grasselli

This road is on the West Side of Cremona Cemetary.
Thanks to people in Cremona who directed me here.

Many of the above details came from research in Cremona during  2007

There is record the he lived at Edwardes Square, Kensington, for 1814 - 1820 and designed the gardens in the Square. His son Augustine was born during this period.

In 2012 the residence association of the Square were planing for a 200th  year celebration.

The Gardens of Edwardes Square

No. 15 Edwardes Square

More Photographs in the Aglio Gallery 

Edwardes Square -- Notable Residents

Residents in Edwardes Square have included: Agostino Aglio, artist and decorator, 1814–20 (No. 15); From: 'The Edwardes estate: Edwardes Square area', Survey of London: volume 42: Kensington Square to Earl's Court (1986), pp. 249-263. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=50323 Date accessed: 11 June 2012.

The garden of Edwardes Square was laid out, ‘in groups and winding walks, in a manner different from most other squares’, by Agostino Aglio, the Italian artist and decorator who lived at No. 15 Edwardes Square from 1814 to 1820. (ref. 92) Ref. 92.

Notes made and kindly lent by Dr. Stephen Pasmore from miscellaneous papers in the possession of the Edwardes Square Garden Committee: J. C. Loudon, An Encyclopaedia of Gardening, 1822, p. 1189: R.B.


Between 1824 and 1830 he worked for Lord Kingsborough  on a set of seven books called on the Antiquities of Mexico. http://www.famsi.org/mayawriting/codices/pdf/Aglio-KingsboroughParisCodex.pdf

Sir Thomas Phillipps was involved in this project. These books were published but the process resulted in bankruptcy for Aglio and Kingsborough who died 1837 after being in debtors jail. A very sad affair. Summary of the Story.  

Between 1831 and 1834, he worked at Manchester Town Hall doing the inside decoration. It was during this time that bankruptcy occurred as a result of the Mexican Antiquities affair.

As seen from the autobiography and biographies, Agostino was a hard worker and prolific artist working still at the age of 69, with the help of his son on the decoration of the Olympic Theatre.

Soon after this he became paralysed and spent the last 5 years of his life painting watercolours with his left hand. He died at the age of 80 and is buried in Highgate cemetery

Agostino was the Father of Augustine Aglio Junior, who painted watercolours 
and the grandfather of Marion Aglio who married William Joseph Dibdin.

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Autobiography by Agostino Aglio
Taken from a handwritten summary of his life by Augustine Aglio (junior)
ABECEDARIO BIOGRAFICO DEI PITTORI .....by Giuseppe Grasselli                   Italian
Translation of ABECEDARIO   by Giuseppe Grasselli  1827 with notes                       English  
Biography of Agostino Aglio Senior by FEDERICO SACCHI     as HTML                         Italian
Biography of Agostino Aglio Senior by FEDERICO SACCHI     as a PDF file       45Mg    Italian
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A Dynasty of Artists based on the work by Marian Aglio Dibdin
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