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Catalogue of  Primary Sources and Links.
Agostino Aglio 1777-1857
Augustine Aglio 1817-1885


Autobiography by Agostino Aglio

Biography of Agostino Aglio Senior by FEDERICO SACCHI                   - Italian Copy   
English Copy 

Chronological Biograghical notes, probably by Augustine Aglio (junior) - English Text .html
                                                                                                            - English text  .doc

Except from ABC of Cremonese Painters, Sculptors and Architects       - Italian copy
 by Giuseppe Grasselli 1827                                                                  - English translation

A Dynasty of Artists based on an article by Marian Aglio Dibdin

Article from a magazine by Alfred Yockney

Cutting from the Telegraph

2 Scrap books of paintings and poems containing work of Aglio Senior and others

Letters by Aglio Senior

Photo of street sign in Cremona after A.Aglio Senior

Handwritten article about the work at Moorfields Church

Prints by Agostino Algio (senior)

Watercolours by Agostino Algio (senior)

Watercolours by Augustine Algio (junior)

Watercolours of the designs for Olympic Theatre

Handwritten document - by AA about his work on Mexican Antiquities and the details of his contact with Lord Kingsborough 

Letters to Agostino Aglio and some copies from him.

Original prints of Agostino Algio (senior) drawings of Trees

Sample copy of Aglio's School of Ornaments 

Similar book by A.Aglio called 200 Neoclassical Designs and Motifs 
                                        which is now published by Dover Books

Agostino Aglio’s passport, a large sheet of paper with signatures from around Europe. This was from the time when he traveled Europe producing facsimiles of Mexican Antiquities.


http://www.artwarefineart.com/Search/ArtistBiography.asp?Arti stID=7342


Google Books

Link to Details of Collection of letters to the Aglio Family