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Frankland Fleuss Family Photographs - captioned

uploaded 16/10/2015
From the Richard Stenning Archive

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Paul Frankland, son of C.A. Frankland. Paul  went to Canada after WW2 -later photo at Tony Guise Wedding
Anne Frankland, daughter of C.A. Frankland, who married Alfred W STENNING 
Peter Frankland, son of C.A. Frankland
Dorothy Fleuss, Sister of Vera Guise.  
Arthur is probably Charles Arthur Frankland married to Audrey Mary Fleuss
Link to Photographs of Paul Frankland and Family


~LWF0000 ~LWF0001 ~LWF0002
No Caption
2.5 years ago
2.5 years ago
~LWF0003 ~LWF0004 ~LWF0005
Dorothy Fleuss in The Miracle
March 1928
Mary Anne Gertie Fred April 1928
~LWF0006 ~LWF0007 ~LWF0008
Mother about age 40 Muriel in Arms Ursula about 3 years old
Dorothy Fleuss Also known as Dorothe Gibbon
Dorothy Fleuss
~LWF0009 ~LWF0010 ~LWF0011
Peter Mary Anne Arthur October 1927 The last I took of Arthur
The House we are living in now The Mount Maybury Woking
Grandma Rich
~LWF0012 ~LWF0013 ~LWF0014
Peter Ethel Fred Gertie Ann Arthur Mary October 1927
Peter Anne Paul 2.5 years ago - Audrey Frankland's Children
Peter Frankland 1911
~LWF0015 ~LWF0016