Photographs- Fleuss Wilson Family - with captions

uploaded 15/10/2016

WORK IN PROGRESS  -  Click on Photograph to see it enlarged

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annie betty brenda
annie.jpg betty.jpg brenda.jpg
canada cecilia cecilia1926
canada.jpg cecilia.jpg cecilia1926.jpg
ceecee daddy-joan1937 daddy-june-beryl
ceecee.jpg daddy-joan1937.jpg daddy-june-beryl.jpg
daddy1929 daddy1948 daddy1954
daddy1929.jpg daddy1948.jpg daddy1954.jpg
doreen1 doreen2 eddie
doreen1.jpg doreen2.jpg eddie.jpg
ernest-joan fleuss-wilson greenford
ernest-joan.jpg fleuss-wilson.jpg greenford.jpg
harry1 harry2 harry3
harry1.jpg Frank Wilson in his youth harry2.jpg harry3.jpg
harry4 joan-cecilia joan-cecilia-wide
harry4.jpg joan-cecilia.jpg joan-cecilia-wide.jpg
joan-ernest june june-mac
joan-ernest.jpg june.jpg june-mac.jpg
june-pat-brenda june-worthing lillie
june-pat-brenda.jpg june-worthing.jpg lillie.jpg
pat thennie vera
pat.jpg thennie.jpg vera.jpg

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