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More Guise Family Photographs - based on Evangeline Batt nee Guise the daughter of Carl Jules Guise ( Geise) 

uploaded 26/08/2013

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Link to three important photographs from the prewar era

Group Photograph of Family at Tony Guise Wedding - Annotated

Top-001 Top-002 benoitingarden e-and-rung
Top-001.jpg Top-002.jpg benoitingarden.jpg e-and-rung.jpg
e-e-j-b evangeline-guise evangeline-standing n-y-m
e-e-j-b.jpg evangeline-guise.jpg evangeline-standing.jpg n-y-m.jpg
t-e-j-b t-e-l-j tony-wedding  
t-e-j-b.jpg t-e-l-j.jpg tony-wedding.jpg

Annotated Photograph