Paul Rowntree's Photographs - Negatives

Positives from over 1000 negatives of photographs taken by Paul Rowntree during his early years from the age of 13 long before going to the Barts through to about 1960.  Included is one batch from the early 1970's. 

The blocks of negatives are not in chronological sequence but listed as the packets and boxes of negatives were found.

Many of these will be included elsewhere in collections of prints particularly in Wartime Photgraphs 1

  Approximate dates Comment
Arinafadbeg 1933 Holiday photographs with Paul and the Scottish family 
Batch 1 1938 and 1939 A family holiday on the Norfolk Broads and a period in France early in 1939. Michael and Sybil and their Jowett and Colin and Mary and Austin. London preparing for war. 
Batch 2 March 1941 to July 1942 Student life. Operations. Colin and Mary. Paul and Gwen- early days. Wedding Photos. Kit and Alf. Leslie Rouch 
Batch 3 November 1942 onwards Gwen. Joanna as baby. Seaside holiday. Sailing. Doctor Paul. Sailing
Batch 4 Probably 1938 to 1939 Unknown wedding. Colin and Mary. Michael and Sybil. Maybe saying goodbye to Michael and Sybil leaving for South Africa on ship in August 1939 just before war broke out. This would have been the last time they saw Michael. 
Extended Family. Sailing.
Batch 5 About 1959 and 1960 Neil as a youngster, Sam as a baby.
Batch 5a Early 1970's Neil Rowntree and Eddy Jackson and friend
Batch of Glass slides About 1942 to 1943  Gwen. Paul and Gwen. and Joanna 
A few rolls of 35 ml negatives About 1960 Family Photos.  Harry and Brenda Dewar

Paul had a camera that was able to take 35mm glass slides. At the same time he was taking 35mm rolls of film. Also in the collection are some 3 inch by 4 inch glass plates which was the size of the classic Kodak Box Browny.  

There is a detailed description by Paul of his using a small plate camera to take a set of medical photographs for one of the Barts Surgeons. "But Tweedy’s camera although larger only focused to 3’8’’ whereas mine went to 18” and used plates so he asked if he could use mine". see  Communiques 16 2nd December 1940.