Some Photographs taken by or relating to Peter H Dibdin

uploaded 28/05/2015

The girls in the photographs were obviously well known to Peter and with further research it may be possible to establish if one of them is "Rosie" who a very caring letter from Maesteg, while staying at Bridgend Glam. on 9th July 1941 The Car picture "hillman-minx.jpg" is of significance 

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3 unknown men 3ofpeter LAD family dog
3 unknown men.jpg 3ofpeter.jpg LAD family dog.jpg
girl1 girl2 girl3
girl1.jpg girl2.jpg girl3.jpg
girl4 girl5 girl6
girl4.jpg girl5.jpg girl6.jpg
girl7 girl8 girl9
girl7.jpg girl8.jpg girl9.jpg
hillman-minx joe johnandstanley
hillman-minx.jpg joe.jpg johnandstanley.jpg
lounge-east court-1936 peter-uniform peterprofile1937
lounge-east court-1936.jpg peter-uniform.jpg peterprofile1937.jpg
stanley unknown1 unknown2
stanley.jpg unknown1.jpg unknown2.jpg