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AdaSamMary Agnes
AdaSamMary.jpg Sam Begg Junior's Mother Agnes.jpg
Angie BeggChildren
Angie.jpg BeggChildren.jpg
Mary's Mother Sam Begg a
Mary's Mother.jpg Sam Begg a.jpg
Sam Begg bw a Sam Begg2
Sam Begg bw a.jpg Sam Begg2.jpg
SamBegg Young Sam Begg a
SamBegg.jpg Young Sam Begg a.jpg
sea for napier still life
sea for napier.jpg still life.jpg

Incorrect location

The picture on the left is thought to be 
of  Mary Anna Gray   1862 - 1933
who married Fred Rowntree in 1886

There is every reason to believe that the
 place is Stand on the Green - Chiswick.