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The Life and Times of the Dibdin - Aglio Family 
A summary setting the family in a historical context
1745 - 1925

Appendix regarding some
Artists and Others encountered by the Aglio-Dibdin Family

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(17 November 1793 – 24 December 1865) was an English painter, gallery director, collector and writer of the early 19th century. In 1843 he became the National Gallery's first Keeper in 1843,

(3 June 1794 – 20 Jan 1860) was an English portrait and portrait miniature painter of Scottish descent; early in his career, he was known for historical paintings. He became a member of the Royal Academy in 1842.[1] The Westminster Hall competition of 1843 led him to turn his hand once more to historical composition.

Daniel Maclise
(25 January 1806 – 25 April 1870) was an Irish history, literary and portrait painter, and illustrator, who worked for most of his life in London, England. Maclise was commissioned in 1846 to paint murals in the House of Lords on such subjects as Justice and Chivalry.[

Soloman Alexander Hart 1806-1881
was a British painter and engraver. He was the first Jewish member of the Royal Academy in London and was probably the most important Jewish artist working in England in the 19th century. A member of the Camden Society

Charles R.Leslie – RA (19 October 1794 – 5 May 1859)
was an English genre painter. Painted “Amy Robsart” 1833-1836 - actress in the play ( see envelope.) Amy Robsart was acted February 13, 1828, at the Odιon, under the management of M. Sauvage. Although it was agreed that Victor Hugo's name should not be pronounced, some chance phrase or some indiscretion betrayed him, and the manager, overjoyed, lost no time in spreading the report that the drama was written by the author of Cromwell. Victor Hugo remonstrated in vain; the manager, seeing that the name was a drawing card, continued to cry it from the house-tops.

Leslie spent time in America, his parent birth place, but was in England to witness and paint Queen Victoria's coronation. Various small landscapes followed. After the death of his friend, the painter John Constable, Leslie collected materials and wrote the first biography on the painter, Memoirs of the Life of John Constable in 1843  

Hogg - Unknown

Sir Thomas Lawrence PRA FRS (13 April 1769 – 7 January 1830) 
was a leading English portrait painter and the fourth president of the Royal Academy.  

Sydney Smirke (1798 – 8 December 1877) 
was a British architect who was born in London, England, the younger brother of Sir Robert Smirke, also an architect. Their father, also Robert Smirke, had been a well-known 18th-century painter. He wrote to Godfrey Wentworth recommending Aglio

Harrison William Weir
(5 May 1824 – 3 January 1906), known as "The Father of the Cat Fancy", was an English gentleman and artist. He wrote to John Absolon 

Prince Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge
The Prince Adolphus, 1st Duke of Cambridge KG GCB GCMG GCH PC (Adolphus Frederick; 24 February 1774 – 8 July 1850), was the 10th child and 7th son of George III and Queen Charlotte.  

Earl of Shrewsbury - Alton Towers
John Talbot, 16th Earl of Shrewsbury, 16th Earl of Waterford (1791–1852) was a British peer and aristocrat. Sometimes known as "Good Earl John", he has been described as "the most prominent British Catholic of his day", although he was the last Earl of Shrewsbury to follow the Catholic faith. John was also Lord High Steward of Ireland, an office the Earls of Shrewsbury have held since 1446. 

Eyre Crowe (1824–1910) 
was an English painter, principally of historical art and genre scenes, but with an interest in social realism. He was born in London but grew up in France. He was the eldest son of the journalist Eyre Evans Crowe and brother of the journalist, diplomat and art historian Joseph Archer Crowe (whose son, also Eyre Crowe became an important diplomat)  

was later a significant member of the Treasury

obviously worked in the Treasury

Lady Warwick The Stables St James Palace
Married to Greville 4th Earl of Warwick. He served as honorary colonel to the Warwickshire Yeomanry cavalry, and as A.D.C. to Queen Victoria.

Charles Samuel Keene (10 August 1823 – 4 January 1891)
was an English artist and illustrator, who worked in black and white. Worked for the Illustrated London News. – maybe did sketches for Aglio  but unlikely to be this artist.

Lady Cottenham died 1866
was married to Earl of Cottenham, second son of William Pepys related to Sam Pepys

Sam Redgrave
Wrote The Dictionary of English Painters Artists 1st and 2nd Edition

George Raphael Ward
Artist and mezzotint print maker wrote to Aglio about being Chair of the Institute of Fine Arts

Edward King, Viscount Kingsborough (16 November 1795 – 27 February 1837)
was an Irish antiquarian who sought to prove that the indigenous peoples of the Americas were a Lost Tribe of Israel. His principal contribution was in making available facsimiles of ancient documents and some of the earliest explorers' reports on Pre-Columbian ruins and Maya civilisation.