An example of a Gun Battery

In 2012 the article "3 Lives in WW2" was completed and some insight acquired about Tony Guise's time on active service in this country in Gun Batteries before he travelled to India 

Early in 2013 quite by chance while travelling down the East coast from Durham we came across a sign referring to the Heugh Battery. To anyone  who has not been in the army or not versed in the details of warfare a battery would be of no great significance however having studied the life on activity service of Lieutenant Guise the term signified. On the headland about Hartlepool there is the Heugh Battery now set up as a museum. Right on the coast over looking the North Sea and Hartlepool, it has been a Gun Battery from Napoleonic times and has evolved to suit action through WW1 and WW2.

Run as a trust by volunteers it is well worth a visit, as it not only show examples of various guns used over the years, particularly Anti-Aircraft Guns but also give some idea of the working conditions at a battery.

Also at the museum there is a full size model of a WW1 trench duggout .

One is made welcome throughout the site, in the shop and at the small cafe.

Photographs taken at Heugh Battery