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One Family at War

A summary of the wartime experiences of members
of a large extended family during the First and Second World Wars.

From letters and research 2008


Below are listed the known names of those within the family 
who served during WW1 and WW2 with links to details.

The following four articles are details about individuals and families, 
that have been  drawn together from archive material.

Museum of Family War Items  Extra information regarding WW1 and WW2
One Branch of the Rowntree Family in the WW1 Era.  Further information about the Rowntree Family in WW1 
Bombardment of Scarborough  1914 - first hand notes by George Rowntree
3 lives in WW2  The lives of Joan Dibdin and Ltn.Tony Guise in WW2 including letters from India and Ceylon before his death. 


The Heugh Gun Battery - Hartlepool Link to details of  Gun Battery that was built in 1850 and served in WW1 and WW2




Visiting War Graves

General Comment
Family at Home 

Part 1 WW1

Reginald Aglio Dibdin


Lieutenant Lionel Aglio Dibdin


Major Joe Aglio Dibdin


Major Stanley M Haycraft


Percy Haycraft

died on active service

Lieutenant Allan M Haycraft

died on active service

Part 2 WW1

Major Edward Montague Marvin

injured or ill

Major Edward John Dibdin


Lieutenant Arthur Coleman Dibdin


Major Lewis George Dibdin


Major Heseltine


Lieutenant Montague Dibdin Severn


Captain Ernest Michael Severn


Part 3 WW1

Alfred Reginald Marshall


Serjeant Percy Frederick Wright

died on active service

Frank Wright

died on active service

David Thomas Rouch

died on active service

Frederick Rowntree


Lieutenant Colin Rowntree

Lieutenant Douglas Woodville Rowntree injured

2nd Lieutenant Lawrence E Rowntree

died on active service

Ralph Thorp

Other members of the Rowntree family are referred to in the article
One Branch of the Rowntree in WW1 Era

Part 4 WW2

Lieutenant Anthony Benoit Guise

died on active service

Joan Guise (nee Dibdin )

Red Cross and ATC

Lance Bombardier Peter Haycraft Dibdin

died on active service 

Donald Haycraft


John Davis


Surgeon Lieutenant Geoffrey S Davis

died on active service
Pat Davis -
Alfred Marshall Fire watch

Helen Ouin


Leslie Rouch

Gwendoline Elsie Marshall Red Cross
Betsy Thorp GCHQ
Colin Rowntree Medical and then War Graves
Paul Rowntree Trainee doctor
Nicholas Rowntree

Notes regarding a Gun Battery in Hartlepool