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Individual Stories – WW1
Part 2

Unfortunately not much is known regarding the activities of the following individuals, five of which are shown in the initial photograph. It would seem that all survived the First World War.

Major Edward Montague Marvin

27 years old on entering

Royal Engineers

‘Mont’ was the brother of Reginald Dibdin’s wife Elsie Marvin. Like many of the Dibdins, he joined the Royal Engineers, but there is no record at present of what he did in the field. He kept in touch with Rex and one letter from Rex to Lionel near the end of 1916 suggests that he was ‘crocked’ and was being looked after by his sister at the family house 5 Somerfield Terrace in Maidstone.

Addresses after the war :

21 Old Broad Street London EC1

Southview, Daws Lane Mill Hill NW ( His sister was staying and this address (with him while Rex was in hospital ) in 1923)

Major Edward John Dibdin

28 years old on entering

Royal Field Artillery

Born in Australia

Son of Robert Lowes Dibdin and Grandson of T.C.Dibdin so would be the nephew of W.J.Dibdin, the Patriarch in the First picture of the article.

It is assumed that he come over from Australia

address given in England: 47 Redington Rd Hampstead NW3

Lieutenant Arthur Coleman Dibdin

25 years old on entering

Born in Australia

The youngest son of Robert Lowes Dibdin and Grandson of T.C.Dibdin so would be the nephew of W.J.Dibdin, the Patriarch in the first picture of the article.

It is assumed that he come over from Australia

Major Lewis George Dibdin

31 years old on entering

The Queen's Regiment (West Surrey), Royal West Surrey Regiment

Another descendent of Charles Dibdin senior but from the Charles Mungo Dibdin line as opposed to the Thomas Dibdin Line.

He was know to Lionel Dibdin and after the First World War he did a considerable amount of work on the Dibdin Family Tree and passed the information on to Lionel Dibdin and to another relation who forwarded it to Robert Charles Dibdin whose son has developed it further.

No further information can be found regarding Lewis George Dibdin’s activity in the war.

Major Heseltine

It was first thought that Major Heseltine must have been a grandson T C Dibdin, and a son of Eve Mary Dibdin, one of W.J.Dibdin’s sisters. She was married to William Heseltine.

So He may have been either of these four brothers although unlikely to be oldest.
Frank Dibdin, b.1866
John William Dibdin b.1872
Stewart Henry b.1881
Claude Dibdin
Either way he would be the nephew of W.J.Dibdin .
However from information in 2012 -

Thanks to N.W.

'Major Heseltine' in the WWI photograph of Dibdins and Severns maybe John Edward Norfor Heseltine, born 1881.  He was the son of John Postle Heseltine, who was - as far as is known - no relation of Eve Dibdin and William Heseltine, but he was a well-regarded (if amateur) artist and the owner of an important collection of drawings.

John Edward Norfor Heseltine served in the Boer War, which, it is thought, would correspond with his medal ribbons, and in the King's Royal Rifle Corps, which would correspond with the black buttons on his tunic.  He could have found his way into the photograph because of an artistic connection through his father rather than a blood relationship with any of the others. He became a lieutenant colonel, which would account for what appear  to be two badges (i.e. a crown and a star) on his epaulettes.

No information can be found regarding Major Heseltine’s activity in the war.

Background to the two Severn brothers.

In 1871 Alice Fanny Dibdin, the sister of William Joseph Dibdin, was visiting Montague Severn’s family home when he was 23 years old; at 24 Lime Street, St Pancras.

They were married in 1874

Montague Dibdin Severn was born at St Martin in The Fields, London in 1875

In 1891 he was at school in Christ Hospital, Resident of Christchurch Newgate Street, London

Ernest Michael Severn was born two years later in 1877.

At the age of 5 he was living as a nephew with Ellen and William Maxwell, a Law Publisher No 4 Temple Sheen Upper Sheen. 3 others, Clara and Emily Bennett and Martha Payne lived in the house as maids and 4 other members of the Bennett family lived in the coach house.

A well endowed household.

At the age of 14, he was attending school, Herne House, Arthur Road, in Margate belonging to William Taylor Jones, son of Rev William Taylor Jones whose sister was married to T.C.Dibdin.

Also at the school, at that time, were 2 Heseltine children, Claude and Stuart.

Their eldest brother, John W D Heseltine was educated at Herne House some time before.

Sydenham College and Herne House educated a number of the children that married into the Dibdin Family.

Their father Montague Severn died in 1880 so two young brothers were fatherless.

It is unclear what happened to Fanny Alice Dibdin although she died under that name in 1924.

Lieutenant Montague Dibdin Severn

39 years old on entering

No information can be found regarding Montague’s activity in the war.

Captain Ernest Michael Severn

37 years old on entering

No information can be found regarding Ernest’s activity in the war.