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Individual Stories – WW2 - Part 4

Paul Rowntree
Colin Rowntree 
Gwen Rowntree nee Marshall
Alfred Marshall
Leslie Rouch (Marshall)
Betsy Knight nee Thorp

Dr. Paul Rowntree

Paul was the son of Coln Rowntree and after education at Oakham joined St.Bartholemews Hospital in the City of London for training as a doctor at the age of 17. After two year war broke out and by being prepared to work in a local First Aid Post 2 floor under an office block he got free board and lodging. It was at the First Aid Post that he met his wife to be Gwen Marshall who had trained as a Red Cross Nurse. They married in June 1942 and by the time of their first born, Paul had qualified as a Doctor and had German Measles and then severe depression. The depression cut short his ambition of going into the Navy as a Doctor and so after a time in General Practice at Enfield during the time of the flying bombs he move to a single handed practice at 23 Blossom Street, York in 1945.
More details of Paul ROwntree's experience in WW2 can be seen at 
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Captain Colin Rowntree

Royal Engineers - War Graves Commission
48 years old on entering.

The precise details of his work in this world war are not yet known.

Colin Rowntree in WW1

More of the life of Colin Rowntree


Colin, Mary and son Paul Rowntree

Colin Rowntree in World War 2

For completeness it is worth mentioning that in WW2

Colin joined up and became a Captain. Letters indicate that he trained in Leeds for a while.

Aug 1941 - Colin trained as a soldier for 2 weeks – Scarborough.

He had been in Leeds lodging at 53 Victoria Road, Headingley

Mary meanwhile was at Stonegate, working with the Women’s Voluntary Service on evacuation , Hostels, ,American Cloths distribution in York and Hull after the Blitz.

Oct 1942, Colin was ill with hepatitis in Pinderfields

Jan 1943 still ill but going home soon – He had been at Harewood House which was acting as a Convalescence Hospital


Gwendoline Elsie Marshall

Gwen was the only daughter of Alfred Marshall and was working as a Laboratory technician.

During the bombing in London she served in a First Aid Unit in the City of London where she met her future husband Paul Rowntree.

Alfred Marshall
Alfred, having fought in the First World War, was working for the Post office in London. He did fire watch duty during the bombing.

Alfred Marshall in WW1

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Leslie Rouch

25 years old on entering 
Royal NavySon of David Thomas who died in WW1 and Florence (nee Marshall).

It is believed that he worked on destroyers and this may explain his problem with hearing loss.
Leslie survived the war and married Kit and had one daughter Kate.



Betsy Thorp (to be Knight)

24 years old on entering
Betsy worked for GCHQ Bletchley during the war with the team deciphering the enigma codes. This information was kept as a secret from her family for nearly her whole lifetime,

Nicholas Rowntree

Nothing known yet