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Family at War The Rowntree Family Friends Ambulance Unit

An Introduction to the Rowntree Family 
 One Branch in the First World War Era

This homepage is opening to a set of web pages based on the booklet 
produced in November 2013 and includes the Contents and Appendix. 
Below are the links to webpages referred to throughout the booklet. 
The Booklet is available in its original complete form as a WORD document and a PDF file. 


Appendix of letters and family trees



The Printed Book.

The Booklet as a WORD Document The Appendix as a WORD document
The Booklet as a PDF The Appendix as a PDF
Rowntree family tree    PDF  
Gray Family Tree        PDF
Thorp Family Tree      PDF

Links relating to the booklet - 

Letter from Philip N Baker Letter of acceptance to Colin to join FAU
Speech by OC of FAU probably Philip Baker Regarding the success of the FAU 
Colin Rowntree's Diaries 1914-16  While at FAU
Colin Rowntree's Diaries 1916-18  While in Royal Engineers
Museum containing Colin Rowntree's and other's War items  
Colin Rowntree's WW1 Photographs  
Colin Rowntree's Photos of Ypres   
Post cards of the Ypres area    
More post cards of the Ypres areas  During WW1 and before
More post cards of the Ypres areas During WW1 and after
Life of Colin Rowntree in Peacetime  
Colin Rowntree in WW2
The Rowntree Family The Homepage and INtroduction for the whole Rowntree Family
One Family at War A catalogue and details of all Family Members involved in WW1 and WW2
Michael Rowntree Colin Rowntree's first son
Paul Rowntree Colin Rowntree's second son
The Gray Family
The Cruikshank Family
The Thorp Family
Alfred Marshall A grandfather who fought at the Somme and survived despite serious injury.
The Nevinson Connect with the FAU Both Father and Son worked from the early days with the Friends' Ambulance Unit
Friends Ambulance Unit www.quakersintheworld.org/quakers-in-action/252
Friends Ambulance Unit in WW1 A selection of articles, documents and photographs relating to the FAU in the First World War.

Other webpages loosely related to the booklet.

The Begg Family Homepage  
Photographs relating to the Begg Family  
Paintings by Mary Begg  

A Quaker Adventure by Ruth Fry

The Story of Nine Years' Relief Reconstruction 
Frederick Rowntrees work in Chengtu  
The Reed Family Alan Reed married Ann Rowntree
The Dibdin Homepage