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Family at War The Rowntree Family Friends Ambulance Unit

An Introduction to the Rowntree Family 
 One Branch in the First World War Era

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Extras and Comments


Extra Notes and Comments.

Dec 1929

Colin was in the Victoria Hospital in Glasgow with a wound and drain, presumably because of an operation and was planning to come home 20th Dec with a dressing.

18th Dec 1929

Colin wrote to Mary c/o Sam Begg Stonegate

20th Dec 1929

Colin wrote to Mary at Aumitts in Brandsby. He is to be allowed home on Tuesday. {presumably the 24th Dec. 1929} Carshaw says the wound is healing.

Arnold {Dr. Arnold Gray from Tavyalich} came in and asked the sister if he could see the wound. There was only a spot of discharge but he got her to put on a fresh dressing and it was agreed that Carshaw would be told that the dressing had been on since morning. However when it came to the bit this morning when Carshsaw asked how long the dressing had been on Sister’s nerve broke and she said last night. They have put in a drainage tube. Sister thinks it will be all dried up by Tuesday Carshaw thinks not. I shall come by the 12 noon train

A letter from Tin this morning Douglas is to have the liquid drawn off – poor lad. Just finished "Jesting Pilate" {Aldous Huxley} – rather shallow but amusing.

Colin has sown the numbers on 12 face clothes and am now hemming the edges.

Busting with excitement to come home.

Final Comment

Throughout this article reference has been made to four grandfathers of the now, in 2013, senior generation. It would be pure, but interesting speculation to wonder if, by chance, any that were only to become related though their children and grandchildren every met up in the chaos of war.

It is sad perhaps that we were unable to have the time or inclination to talk with them about their time in the hell of war.