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Three Lives in World War 2

Appendix 1

Summary of all letters From Tony to his mother

01/04/1940 -To Mater

Thanks for 10/-

Went to the pictures in Darlington

Thanks for the laundry – have not sent Davids hankerchiefs or the 4or 5 lanyards that I wrapped the bundle in – These cost 4/- a doz save me buying more – I do hate to wear dirty ones.

Leave 7 days in 6 weeks time

Saw Victor in Richmond now a Corporal

Comment -- Date?

Details --From Catterick Camp

24/04/1940 -To Mater

Planning to come home but feeling bad with innoculations.

Comment --

Details --To V.A.Guise 57 Tooting Bec Gardens SW16 Post mark Richmond

01/05/1940 -To Mater

Thanks for the money

Going to Wales on the 13th

Please write to Mrs Beatties Scarcotes Farm Hudswell Nr Richmond – she has been kind to David and me every Sunday – had a lovely time on farm

The boys get 14 to 21 days in glass house for taking French Leave

Leave every 6 months – 15 weeks since the last

Hopes that when Mater reclaims English Nationality that she gets a government job

Mater been to a fortune tell again who contradicted to the last one.

Could send Mater eggs – can get them without ration cards 2/6 a doz

May be home in 2 months

Now at war stations get leave every 6 months – only 15 weeks since last one.

Friend of Mrs Beattie has a farm in Fishguard – about 30 miles from Manorbier

Comment --

Details --Dishforth in a Tent

01/07/1940 -To Mater

Leave due Friday 19th July for weekend – is it worth it?

Comment -- Date?

Details --Dishforth in a Tent

01/09/1940 -To Yvonne

To Yvonne probably after Sept 1940

Reference to Air Raids – getting them every night 6 or so miles away from Dishforth

Camping out in the raw – a mile to meals and baths.

Do duty on road block at night.

Queer people up here – even the ‘igh class pubs are filled with funny men of the prosperous grocer type especially dressed in 50/- style – Their women are expensively (dressed) but o so poorly turned out – most of the daughters seem to be "high School" educated and rather despise the fond p’s (parents).

But I found some Tetley Beer – draught Worthington and Youngers in Boroughbridge – our nearest town"

Reference to sympathy for Neil ( Yvonne’s husband to be - 2nd quarter 1942 ) –

" Have communicated with Neil on his sad bereavement – still its your life and what you have done is no doubt for the best – Though why James ??"

Comment -- Date?

Details --Dishforth in a Tent

01/11/1940 -To Mater

Just arrived at Dunfermline Halbeath Road

Just arrived in Scotland

Please send chess set as he has met another human being.

There is a very rich mean individual here.

Really sorry about asking for money.

Afraid that he will loose the TMH influence.

Recommend for commission but Nationality issue is insurmountable

Six months since being home

Comment -- Date?

Details --Grange Hill Camp Dunferline

01/01/1941 -To Mater

Christmas time

Got very drunk on whisky

Comment -- Date?

Details --Grange Hill Camp Dunferline

01/04/1941 -To Mater

Hate uniform looking forward to civvy clothes.

All my love old thing - love to Nita and Peter.

Difficult getting to Church

Strange having tea before communion

He tells Mater off for saying so much about burdens and how wicked everyone is. You have good friends in Widdy, Nita The Adams and music and drink You are a silly old girl to worry about money – something always turns up.

May go into Edinburgh

Comment --

Details --Grange Hill Dumfermline

01/05/1941 -To Mater

Introducing Donald - make him welcome - Shall be seeing you on 20th June 1941

Comment -- Date?

Details --Middlebank House

14/05/1941 -To Mater

Has been working the gun. - Moving on - Reference to Mater visiting a medium - wishes she would not.

Comment -- Date?

Details --Middlebank House - under canvas

20/05/1941 -To Mater

Passed so will be going to divisional school at Kinross for a few weeks and then Shrivenham

I presume Donald stopped with you on Friday -- needs money

Comment --

Details --Turfhills Camp Kinross

23/05/1941 -To Mater

Same address until June 4th then leave then Shrivenham

Has been lent lots of study books

- A servant at meals and china to eat from!

Requires and old "Sam Browne" as better than new ones

Comment --

Details --Turfhills Camp Kinross

01/06/1941 -To Mater

Cadet AB Guise

Swindon like Cattarick Camp

Smokes but cigarettes in short supply – perhaps to smoke a pipe

Needs coathangers

Comment -- Date ?

Details --Shrivenham near Swindon

13/07/1941 -To Mater

Thanks for Fags

Did quite well in exams 3rd with 82% - best report from the Major – If we do too well we get used as instructors – don’t want that

When is Widdy to be called up

Had a letter from Neil

Thanks Nita for procuring things

Love to all

Comment -- Date ?

Details --Shrivenham near Swindon

01/08/1941 -To Mater

Hot weather – swimming - exams reference to Joan.

Comment -- Date?

Details --Shrivenham near Swindon

01/11/1941 -To Mater


Comment -- Date?

Details --Poolewe Achnasheen Co.Ross

08/11/1941 -To Mater

Thanks for a glorious leave

Planning for a spring offensive

"Give my love to everyone old dear

Again many thanks for a glorious time and many thanks for keeping the atmosphere clear. Do try to understand Joanna Darling – she’s not very used to family life and may be a bit strange at times but she’s a wonderful kid and does so want to be loved by you all and does so want a home – so be good to her …"

Comment --

Details --Poolewe Achnasheen

08/11/1941 -To Mater

Joan is shy and needs you

Comment -- Now an Officer

Details --Poolewe Achnasheen

01/12/1941 -To Mater

Sorry so long in Writing

Only written to Joanna in weeks.

Short of officers so handling the site on his own

A Padre turned up this morning so we had the unusual colsolation of mass. Nobody could serve so I did it – Took me back quite a day or two, to half forgotten times .. I was quite trilled it seemed absurdly "fitting" that I should be serving the mass for my men."

Days alternate between 30deg of Frost (F) and warm and balmy weather.

Sheepskin waistcoat keeping him warm.

Joanna says you are not really well but as she always mentions someone on leave you must be having a pretty lively time at home. The Battery is going mobile in May either Orkneys or India.

Comment -- Date?

Details --Poolewe Achnasheen

04/12/1941 -To Mater

Thanks for the book

50 miles form the nearest Railway station 98 miles from a town

Now in some sort of command.

Comment --

Details --Poolewe Achnasheen

04/12/1941 -To Mater

Money Apology

Comment --

Details --Poolewe Achnasheen

25/12/1941 -To Mater

Sorry to hear from Joan that last letter – my business style upset you.

Comment --

Details --Poolewe Achnasheen

01/01/1942 -To Mater

Hope you had a good Christmas – Reference to Jo-

Is Marie in the ATS yet

Comment -- Date?

Details --Parkhill Camp Oswestry

01/03/1942 -To Mater

No travelling allowed - Ghastly place

Life was very restricted and he seemed to dislike the place.

Comment -- Date?

It is totally unclear when Tony was at the School of Artillery, Larkhill Salisbury Plain.

Details --School of Artillery Larkhill Salisbury Plain

01/09/1942 -To Mater

Darling Mater

Just a note in terrific haste… Amazing how busy I manage to be !!

Hear Jo has told you the glad news.

She babbles about special licences .. can this be done in our Church?

Am going on a course cannot miss 30th to 15th or 20 Oct How about the following weekend

Ask Yvonne what to do – am too busy to write a separate letter – perhaps she will know about licences and where to get them.

Haven’t seen CD Yet

God bless all my love

Tony ----Will you fix the banns ?? that will be a load off my mind !!!

Comment -- Date?

Details --Place Unknown

Probably Blantrye Camp Glasgow- Marriage to sort

01/03/1943 -To Mater

Refers to his batman who has the perspicacity of a women without the small talk.

Gets him a variety of foods.

Comment -- Date?

Details --Unst Shetland

25/10/1943 -To Mater

War Office Card stating new Address is REKOO 4685

Comment --

Details --

02/01/1944 -To Mater

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