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Three Lives in World War 2

Appendix 10

Some Documents and photographs relating
Anthony Benoit Guise
Joan Mary Guise nee Dibdin

Over the World War 2 Years.

    1. Scroll commemorating Lieutenant A.B.Guise
    2. Label attached to returned belongings
    3. List of effects returned
    4. Photographs of the original wartime grave
    5. Commonwealth War Graves Commission for A.B.Guise
    6. Miss Joanna Dibdin War time Certificates
    7. Acknowledgement for War Service to Joan Dibdin
    8. Refusal from Marylebone to release Joan from War Service
    9. Sympathy from King and Queen for loss of A.B.Guise

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No. 5

Commonwealth War Graves Commission Certificate for A.B.Guise


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