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Three Lives in World War 2

Appendix 4

Letters from India and Ceylon to Joan

26 Dec 1943 A.B.Guise 217042 Lieut. RA Reserve AA Regt. RA India Command

{ received 11.1.1944 }

Letter no.1 in India

My Darling

As you see from address … I seem to be in India!! More anon. Received all your letters (4) and Christmas cards (2) from family on Xmas day. .. had not of course seen a letter for 9 weeks.

Was not allowed to date letters on board ship. The first letters I wrote I left on the ship when we were torpedoed !! - Between Phillpeville and India I think I wrote about 7 letters and sent one cable - Phillpeville is the place we stayed at in B.N.A. ( British North Africa) Managed to get a little kit there to replace the lost articles but am taking great care not to amass any items of value .. It broken my heart to leave behind my field boots and breeches and all those carefully selected pieces of kit , I did not think I could swim with field boots very well!! Anyway am not risking losing kit of any value again … Incidentally I was a lot luckier that any of the other lads … or more provident .. because after we were hit I knew it would be some time before we had to abandon ship so I changed into S. dress and put my Sam Browne on ( I was the only officer to save his belt and have been ragged mercilessly about it ) .. I then spent a nightmarish ten minutes trying to select articles of use that I though I should be able to swim with … do you remember that awful BBC game " What records or books would you choose to have on a desert island , limited to 8 or something "Well my limit was weight

My choice was the following:

Wallet, Penknife, Razor blades – 1 dozen, cig. case, watch, shaving soap, handkerchief, Pencil, hair comb, 3 toothbrushes, toothpaste, Brandy flask, razor,1/4 lb baccy in a sealed tin and a pipe, I chose my favourite pair of shoes – Shetland socks and a new collar and tie and clean underwear – put all this on with my Sam Browne S.O. Cap and life belt … and was ready!!

And that is all I have left of my original kit. … But I can still go on parade dressed as I would at Woolwich, in fact ½ hour after we were picked up I had had a bath, shaved found somebody to clean my buttons and belt and was asked by a Colonel if I was a bloody survivor, because I did not look like one !! A pretty compliment but oh !! for all that kit. Ah me !!

India is terribly expensive but I shall have to buy a few things – greatcoat and so on… Am now being paid by the Indian Government, so have made out a bankers draft to pay into Barclays £20 a month. My Indian bankers are Grindley and Co. Bombay and if ever my address is uncertain, you can write to me care of Grindleys. My inclusive pay is 600 ruppees a month which leaves me minus income *** *** 290/- or £22 in English money shall struggle along somehow .. am pretty sure that I shall manage on that somehow.

Feel much happier now that you say that Peter’s affairs are sorting themselves out - all that business was a great worry to me darling… incidentally don’t forget the insurance.

Letters seem to be reasonable quick by airmail ie 3 weeks so I shall be able to help you out a bit. And you can always send a cable.

Before I start on the "Story of India and my Indian Experiences" etc , I had better give you some slang darling and the rates of exchange .. am busily learning Hindustani which is what most English people say when they speak on URDU which is the proper name – There is another sort of dialect known as HINDI.

£1 = 13 ruppees and 5 annas
1 ruppee = 16 annas
1 anna is about 1 1/8 pence
The purchasing power one ruppee is about 1 shilling, but even at that computation things are dashed expensive.
Chitapeg = small whisky
Dhoby = laundry man
Char = tea
Wallah = boy
Charboy = sort of bed made of wood and string
Chattie = earthen ware bowl or basin
Tiffin = luncheon
Par-tree = water
Bearer = House servant

As I learn more I will send them darling

Believe we are going tot get down to some intensive training – However life is quite easy – You can be shaved in bed , while almost still asleep. Tea is brought round the camp almost continually all day by the Char Wallah in a sort of run with hot coals to keep it hot and he starts the day at 6.30 by bringing you a cup of tea in bed. He sings out all the time . "Char Wallah , Sahib" "Char Wallah , Sahib". Have an abundance of eggs and oranges both in B.N.A. and here AND in India BANANAS – incidentally they taste just as always – remember them tasting !!

God bless you my darling – my love as always Tony Hand on news to family and read theirs - I love you Tony

9 Jan 1944 ABGuise 217042. RA Reserve AA Regt. RA India Command

{ received 26.1.1944 }

Letter no. 3 from India

My darling

Two weeks since any news from you Dec.3rd was the last. ie. 4th letter – the copy came from BNA 2 days later. I expect there is some hold up of mail. Do hope you are receiving my scribbles

Believe I forgot to tell you anything about our Christmas and New Year. … well we had a duck !! and that was about all. Very quiet – Had a drink to every bodies wives and families in the New Year and got quite drunk on poisonous hooch on 3rd Jan just before going to Calcutta.. Am now definitely on the wagon. For a few months .. can’t afford it and the hangovers are ghastly .. had one drink in Calcutta only. Did not do much shopping – am trying to "make do" on the minimum of kit.

"It is very difficult darling trying to answer your letters .. the information will be 6 weeks old when you get it .. however I will try and answer as intelligently as possible, and comment on your last 4 letters.

You ask if I am able to give any details of the voyage .. the answer is no all that will have to wait until we meet again ..
Next darling you speak of the "Power on the Spirit". I am sure that in no special sense I am very religious or even more so than you ---- when I say I shall always be with you in spirit" – and I really AM. I think that this is really love … certainly a lot more love than religion -- however I may be a little bit calmer about things in general because we believe in obedience to the divine will of God .. explicitly ! .. sort of Kismet !! I suppose – though are is no "fatalism" attached to the emotions – I should not worry too much about not being able to opening up your heart to be. No women has ever yet completely revealed herself to men. – And it is because I know quite a lot about your search for religious expression and your general dissatisfaction with your present religious experience that in the past I have adopted such an uncompromising tone when we argue --- you might as well get your dogma right from the very beginning!! You give yourself away terribly my darling – when you say quote " I went to church on Sunday, to pray for you, and to try and get nearer to God and to you. But I really might as well not have gone or so it seems." unquote.

What a crushing indictment of your Church !! what a barren religion !! No comfort … unless you argue that you were probably not receptive or something -- you went in the right mood – questioning – and NOTHING. The emptiness is within yourself darling. You are seeking as so many are, you like so many others have not yet found the answers. You know something is wrong and yet you cannot put your finger on it and with all you are a child of tradition and cannot break with that tradition… Ah me! One day darling – but not argument of mine will avail – one day you will find that TRUTH and faith which is so necessary to we poor mortals – An Anchor without which life is meaningless and much, much, too difficult."

"Next .. Reigate, so glad you went darling. It must have done both you and Raoul a lot of good – when he is a little older you could perhaps take him to Meols – though it’s an awful place ….."

I have written to Neil …. Poor soul but soon I suppose he will be out of training --- About your teeth – please make quite sure that you have SOME left by the time I return.

Don’t bother with presents darling they will probably be sunk anyway. Save then up for peace.

Re Income Tax. .. I will forward the necessary authority if you will let me have their letter. – incidentally I have to pay tax this end to … about £3.0.0 a month , nuisance isn’t it.

Note that you have bought the following ..

Cot and mangle

Expect that in every letter I shall continue to " note that you have bought the following" However a mangle will be dashed useful" Gosh how you would like washing out here. .. I wash my own hankies, socks, and underwear.. the dhoby ruins them .. all you have to do is wash and rinse as usual and rinse and hang out to dry and in 10-15 minutes later take them in bone dry. !! I washed my silk hanky the other day and it dries in 15 minutes. – The air is wonderful and very dry. Incidentally the dhoby charges Rubbees 1/12 a week and you can send as much as you like. .. and do I use that service.!! K.D does not look nice unless it is absolutely clean and starched .. am so sorry that I lost your mothers camera – I am sure you would like a snap or two. The camera was locked in the orderly room so I could not get at it .. in any case I though that the ship would be saved and that I should have to go into the water that is way I left the photographs behind darling. .. Can you do something about that .. Send one of you and Raoul please. ( separate photos please )

Have written to Doreen – I think that clears up all the points you have mentioned to date. Have sent you from Calcutta under separate cover the following items .. you might check the items to see that they all arrive..

1 carved cigarette box
1 Benares brass cigarette box
1 Benares brass ash tray
2 Horn Storks
2 Ivory elephants
1 Ivory necklace
2 Ivory bracelets
1 money bracelet
1 small ivory figure

They are just little curios darling ... nothing outstanding in workmanship or design .. except the storks which are lovely even these sort of things are quite expensive .. I cannot bother to bargain too much. I get so annoyed with the interminable bargaining that I state a fair price and if the vendors will not accept I walk out .. to their annoyance and mine !! All the good stuff here is English or American and you pay the earth for it .. the craftsmanship of the hillsmen and tribal people may be good – the Chinese certainly is, but on the whole the industrial revolution on India has killed craftsmanship and the appreciation of fine things. YOU know I am somewhat pernickety about quality – leather metal etc. etc. well the local produce is just damn shoddy. – the leather is terrible the metal rough – the cotton and other material frightful – there seems to be no pride in craftsmanship. Am most disappointed – especially after seeing some of the things produced 100 or so years ago – However if or when I get up into the hills I may have reason to alter my opinion.

Just had rather an amusing experience. Showed the enclosed sketch to a man who dabbles a bit and fancies himself .. he praised the drawing and started to give me some advice!! He is the **** **** and I hate putting him "out of face"… so I told him as kindly as possible that I was a genius !! if you soak the enclosed in water and put it on a flat sheet of glass or something the creases should come out. The enclosed is not brilliant or even good but I have conceived the notion of sending to you little sketches of my life and so on; so you are a little more in the picture as it were and perhaps with practice … if I have the time… I shall get some of the old cunning back – it must be nearly 10 years since I ever so seriously put pencil to paper and of course pencil or crayon were not my forté … but of course the colours I brought with me are with the fish – incidentally I haven’t got an india rubber and only two HB pencils. .. not even a black one. However a word of explanation darling. And please don’t be too critical of the technique or the lack of it – I shall improve.

The thing is the interior of my tent – on the extreme left is a form on which I keep books and a tin box of writing kit. Next is my charpoy or bed ready made for the night. – above that a mosquito net tucked up out of the way. – a towel and a hurricane lamp is hanging on the stick. – My suits also hang there – out of sight – on the right is a small charpoy on which I keep my boots, hats, cleaning kit and clean change – in the foreground is "the bathroom" a chatti (bowl) resting on a very small charpoy , a chunk of wood and a mirror – the other chatti is for caring water. These chattis are of red clay very lightly baked and very fragile .. the first time I used one, I bought one about 20 inches across, filled it with water and stood in it – and it just disintegrated around my feet and the water soaked into the ground leaving me standing in the mud. How I long for my canvas bath – I manage pretty well by getting my bearer to pour water over me – oh! I forgot these chattis are so porous that they are perfect refrigerators so the water is always ice cold. – The hotter it is the colder the water gets … lovely …but in the cold mornings brrrrh… It is cold . Afraid the landscape is not very interesting but hope to send you some more.

Incidentally the springs of the charpoy are ropes woven together which hold the whole bloody thing together!! Quite comfortable though.

And now I expect you want to know something of my three days in Calcutta – But its 1830 – (1300hrs at home) and I must change for dinner .. You will just be having luncheon and feeding the brat or perhaps you will be with the Mater … It is Sunday.

Have just come back from dinner. .. to my tent. The night is divine, the moon full and so powerful it is almost light enough to read and write. This is the perfect part if the day, the evening… about 1800 the sun is setting, the air cools, the birds sing and everything is touched with rose pink – it is then that I strip of, wash and shave and have buckets of icy water poured over me till one feels all the sweat and dirt and tiredness leaving ones body and one is getting colder and colder, then a brisk towelling and the shin glows… touch ones toes once or twice powder all over – scalp massage and into clean clothes laid out. The sun has disappeared the night is cool and one is clean and vigorous. Gosh! its terrific – Dinner though adequate is something of an anticlimax – Peace !! After dinner I usually go to the camp cinema – euphemism – Still you see a film of sorts in an almost open air basha and it only costs RS 1/- . If I stayed in then I should have to drink – that’s all there is to do – and I cannot stand the racket. … But tonight instead of going to the films I tried out a new idea… managed to get a table and form from the "Q" SO have lighted my hurricane and returned to my tent to finish this letter. And its jolly pleasant.. the crickets are chirping away and the Indians are singing down in the village. The lamp is casting a pleasant lovely glow over the tent – tomorrow I must try and get a tablecloth made by the tailor and a pot of flowers!! Oh yes we have a tailor (or sorts) even a bootmaker too – in fact its quite like a little village. Miles away from anywhere (except Indian Villages which are too small to have shops) .. the little shopping centre has a canteen, a hairdresser and masseuse tailor and bootmaker and a "general shop". All in tents and bashas with a little garden in the centre. I would love you to see it all as I see it. – but I should think it is a wartime measure only – I am quite clever in making myself comfortable in a tent, I expect you will have to get used to the idea darling, when we roam about the world. If only I had some books; but dare not encumber myself with baggage when we go into the jungle must have the absolute minimum .. and I intend taking just one ant proof tin box – the white ants are an absolute pest as you will have noticed in my sketch – there is not one pair of boots on the floor .. the ants would eat them in no time – everything has to be raised on bricks – but I have ant proofed the legs of my charpoys and put everything on these. .. Talking of proofing .. I have indulged in a most useful extravagance.. a jungle watch.. I dare not take my fob watch into the jungle as it not damp proof .. so I bought while in Calcutta a waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, non-magnetic non-rusting watch –it also has several dozen jewel and a guarantee. – I would like you (just for fun) to enquire the price in London – It is a TISSOT AQUASPORT (best model) – I got it for 180/- RS which is at the rate of exchange £13-10-0 and in actual buying value or power about £9-- In England I believe it would cost about £30 or more. I you could buy it. It is an absolute beauty and has up to now kept good time, (I believe – we never hear a radio) IU know £13-10-0 sound a lot of money for a steel case watch but really 180 chips is not a lot out here: you can pay 65 chips for a very inferior Parker fountain pen and the very cheapest costs 35 chips.

I think I will keep Calcutta for another letter- its not much of a town .. except for the food.. in the midst of a famine too. Ye Gods what food !! Shall write you a whole letter on food alone .. and one on colossal great whopping cream buns!! And Dutch pastries !1 and ice cream !! Fraid I shall make you very envious -- gosh there goes the jackals – time for bed – I miss you my sweet terribly … All this experience is nothing but a most poignant reminder that you are not with me to share it all- its beauty and its ugliness – the soft balmy nights and the fierce days – what a country of lovers this must be… at the moment it is the wildest and must stirring weather … that moon !! Gosh darling you must come and see … its … its VIVID !!

I pray that we may not be separated too long .. I fear somewhat. It would be only too natural if you tired of waiting, and yet I seem so near to you. –

When I censor the men’s letters here I realise how lonely everybody is .. and what trouble some of them have.!! Fully 50% have faithless wives .. a percentage with other men’s children too – yet they are very forgiving – I suppose I should be in their place – It must be a long wait for the women – curiously enough all the men I went to Calcutta with remained absolutely faithful. I found with something of a shock that there were many determine men like myself who were going to remain celibate .. that was something of an eye opener and is I am sure quite a modern notion – in that state of unanimity – I always thought that man regarded himself as polygamous. It has taken war to prove it otherwise. Perhaps the world is a little more refined – less course - -- or more decadent.!!!

God bless you my darling – Pray for me a little – Am sometimes very lonely, am with an alien – shall be glad to start work

I love you sweetheart – most embarrassingly !! may God protect you

All my love as always – now and forever


Sat 15th Jan 1944 AA Res. Regt. RA India Command


The above address will I think be the best at the moment .. If you are in doubt Grindleys Bank Bombay will always find me. Have had no word or news from you for 3 weeks.

The last I received was just before Xmas letter no.4 sent on 3 C

Dec. Everyone else has had stacks of mail .. I suppose there is some hold up.

Have a smell (temporary I imagine) of command as OC a transit camp. It looks quite fun though miles away from anywhere - -however I have a 15 cwt Chevrolet as my personal transport and sufficient petrol … and my person needs a lot of transporting. Have lost of course my old British servant – and acquired an Indian bearer .. we seem to be getting along very well together – somewhat hampered by the language difficulty

I have only two blankets and he told me that I should be very cold at nights … I made several boastful gestures indication that I was pretty tough … I have a very large tent to myself and the night breezes did fairly whistle around… so I took the truck out this morning and bought myself a warm mattress.. my bearer fairly rocked with laughter when he unloaded the thing and I tried to tell him that I hoped he was happier now that the Sahib was more comfortable.. I had to give up after ½ hour he just would not understand. … It is very strange because the few things they do learn off by heart they speak absolutely perfectly… Its damned curious to have a man who comes and says in polite English "what time will you take tea in the morning Sahib ?" and yet does not really understand a word you say in answer except "at 7.30" or something like that – I am going to get him to teach me Urdu.

I have here a sleeping tent an office – a dining tent an ante room or more tent and a bearers tent .. all pretty well to myself - and a warrant officer to run the whole shoot !! Shall have to think of something to "justify my existence" – I usually can !! – And there are always thousands of buttons I can amuse myself with instead of sending them to the tailor. It is amazing how many the Dhobi breaks.

Did I ask you, darling, to get an a/c from Barclays for me. .. I have claimed £100 kit allowance and am not sure whether it has gone to Barclays yet or not… money is pretty meaningless out here, chaps get into debt to the Field cashier by thousands of rupees – nobody seems to mind. .. In fact I believe there must have been a scandal about keeping pennyless officers short or something because they absolutely throw money at you !! Not that I’ve ever got any !!

However would like to know that you are ok at home. . with the odd quid or two in my a/c to tide over here and there.

Am feeling absolutely fit tho’ I think I am slightly overeating .. cannot take a good deep breath in my S.D. it creaks! Simply love the freedom of movement permitted by K.drill..

Shall send you a little sketch of my camp in a day or two – my day I imagine will be something like this

7.30 hr. morning tea – shave bath- 8.00 hrs breakfast – 9.00 hrs shall probably every morning drive truck into rations because I like it.. 11.30 office work!! 12.30 tiffin 13.30 hrs siesta until 16.00hrs (reading sleeping studying etc) 16.00hrs tea 16.15 hrs a walk around my camp – inspection etc – or maybe just a walk .. I may even do some gardening or play a game or write some letters – 18.00 hrs bath and change for dinner – God only knows what I am going to do after dinner!! Don’t be dazzled by the bath .. I have 4 gallon tins of water (non-returnables) which are icy cold and solemnly upset over me by my bearer – with some soaping in between.

I rigged up a beautiful show at the reserve camp but did not use it much .. Incidentally my bamboo washstand (for use in jungle warfare) is perfect and has set up a fashion in Caroc, Lococs, or what have you rustic ware.

My bearer is patiently standing by those tins of water and I feel he will spill them over me as I write if I do make a move --- God bless you sweetheart .. I love you terribly and anxiously waiting a letter – not a line from a soul for weeks.

Give my love to Raoul and to everybody and pray for me a little

Good night Sweetheart


AB.Guise 217042 AA Reserve Regt RA India Command.

Sunday 23rd Jan 44 5th in India

Have been thinking of you, today darling!!

Hope you had a pleasant birthday. Am still in my small command .. and with my usual genius for employing myself busily in the army have found plenty to do after all my programme lasted for about 3 days… then I started .. was told I was going to have 1000 Indians and 100 British soldiers to look after .. plus 20 officers – That’s about 3 times as many as the camp will hold. Everything had to be done from the word go.! Latrines dug – tentage kitchens Gosh – and the water difficulty is immense – every drop of water is brought 20 miles and only had one 200 gallon truck. It has had to work day and night for the last week. No officers mess here and only a mess tent; so I cleared out a basha about 18 feet x 12 feet and converted that—spending about 120 chips on it. Had a wonderful time buying cretonne curtains, table cloths, tables, chairs, lamps, drink,- everything… Had the whole interior whitewashed and the floor with red cardinal polish and then painted murals on the walls. Very difficult as the walls are basketwork. Then I made an electric standard lamp out of a lemonade bottle and a car battery and for a lampshade I used cartridge paper soaked in diesilite (made a good shade too.) The whole thing with coolie labour took about 2 days and I had a lot of fun – the carpenter is building a bar for me and the bricklayers a sundial in my garden !

Don’t suppose I shall stay here very long but when - so cannot hang about doing nothing –

Found my cook stealing eggs and selling them to the soldiers . so threatened him with my knife and kicked him hard – hate doing this but it is very difficult to make them understand that they must not steal. My Sergeant Major is leaving so I shall a lot more work to do. – Had a wonderful experience yesterday – laying on my charpoy in the afternoon I suddenly heard a pitta-pat on the tent roof.. It was raining absolutely lovely and the divine smell of the ground as it drinks up the rain. And then everything seems to look a bit greener and a bit cooler.. Though it is not yet uncomfortably warm – In fact it is winter – the breezes are beautiful too, just little gusts of fresh air that stir the trees and the dust and then warm stillness again. Only the flies are a pest and am taking very strong measures about those monsters.

Manage to take a liberty run 2 or 3 times a week and go to the pictures at the club. .. If only I had some clubs here I could get a game of golf. And if I could play tennis there is every chance of a game.

Did I tell you that I had a badminton court built – the coolies only took two days over it and we get a very good game in the evening though our rackets are of very poor quality

Am now nearly 5 weeks without any mail from you my darling.. have almost given up hope!

Had a narrowish squeak with my ghani and nearly killed a calf .. they do wander about the road so . .. and the Hindu would much sooner you killed a man than a cow !! I felt a bit warm but with a terrific skid and effort I managed to miss it. . Phew!! Plenty of dogs are run over, they do not matter and nobody troubles to pick them up .. they are just left to rot in the road .. it is rather queer .. but you just could not persuade anybody to voluntarily take the effort to dig a hole and bury a mere dog. Of course if I asked the headman of the village to do it they would make some comment on the mad English and get on with the job .. but they would not think much of me for worrying about a dog.

Have found something new to do. Saw a lot of mud and to my joy it turned out to be clay -–so I put 6 coolies on mixing it with water and grinding it up, so that I can do some sculpture. They do not know what I want it for so think I am mad making such a fuss about a lot of mud.

Had a game of golf last night- The Indian golf course is really extraordinary but quite fun though of course I was pretty awful - golf balls cost about RS 100/- a doz. ie 2 weeks pay for me.

Gifar, my bearer, is a Muslim and very shocked with my pictures of dancing girls in the mess walls ie. the murals – and my clay modelling depresses him no end … neither Hindu or Muslim ever expose their genitals and are very insulted if anybody does.. this makes bathing quite difficult and a bit of a comedy..

Give my love to everybody darling God bless you … write soon

I love you Tony.

Guise 217042 224 I.A.O.D. India Command

{No Date but postmarked 5th Feb 1944}

Letter no.6 in India


Above is the address I have had for last two weeks. You might write one or two letters here but do not anticipate staying long.

Am writing in the early morning (sic!!) 09.00hrs and it is as cold as charity though towards midday it will warm up to about 70 deg or so.. it does not exactly freeze at nights, but the drop in temperature is terrific. Am in a place where one Indian craft still survives ie. The making of silver ornaments – they are quite crude and intended for the village people … but they are genuine and I am going to grab some for you – Its amazing how much money one can spend in these sort of things.. If there was any chance of being here for months I would buy a horse .. and have a lot of fun.!

Have raised Cain about my mail and have discovered that there are three letters on the way – about time too- Its is six weeks since I last heard – And am longing to hear what sort of Christmas you had and what you are both doing.

Have just received you letters – (unnumbered) Nos. 6 and 7 I guess of the 27th Dec and 1 Jan.

Great news Neil’s discharge and getting job so quickly too. !! Am glad you are exchanging letters. Cannot understand why my last letter is only 5th Dec.

Of course I did not keep a count before coming to India but there should have been a cable from Suez and a letter from Aden: a Christmas card from B.N.A. besides the other letters, but of course by now you will be getting my mail from India, so everything should be ok.

Surprising but I don’t seem to get an awful lot of time to write .

People are always asking me if I am lonely and bored with nothing to do … but I always find something. At the moment my camp is very rugged with lots of ditches and odd stuff so I have 60 coolies levelling it all out and planting grass and transplanting trees and shrubs – Funny thing, where ever you go in India and find Englishmen there you will find some attempt to battle with the Indian sun and make some English Greenness and an English garden.

Even I am, without any prompting, bitten with the bug – The sun is a sort of challenge – and one goes to extraordinary lengths to combat it. - I am going to dig a well and have the lawn perpetually flooded with water and see if that won’t make it lush. – Then the sanitation and mosquito and fly war is quite fun – In fact I probably find this life interesting because it is a continuous war .. against flies, mosquitoes and the sun. !!

My car broke down in the village yesterday and in a trice I had a Sepoy, a Havildon, a Sikh, a Jungle-walla and a village boy all trying to put it right – within ½ hour they had my car in pieces all over the road. I did not think that they would be able to get it together again. However with repeated "Thei Hari’s" ( That’s ok) and much hitting with large hammers the whole thing was blown and cleared and shaken until it fell together again – then came the great moment " the Sahib will start the Gari" I got in very imperiously and of course nothing happened. – The disappointment on their faces was pathetic, so mercilessly caning the starter I pushed and pulled and pumped everything .. until with a hideous roar the thing broke into life – Gosh the smile and congratulations "Bahnet Achhahha" (very good ) "Thie hari" and the whole works !! Then came the great moment "Bachsheesh" .{Baksheesh = gratuity} (giving) pice {India coin} to the mob I gave 4 annas to the Sepoy but being a soldier he blushed and did not want to not take it 4 annas each to the village and jungle walla who salaamed and 4 annas to the old Sikh.. They consider themselves the elite of India and some are – but not usually above taking bachsheesh – however this one with very haughty gesture gave his pice to the village lad – gosh I did blush –

Goffer ( my slave) was very naughty yesterday .. he thought that my meals were very uninteresting I suppose and he thought he would enliven them a bit any way … last night I was horrified to see that I was eating duck .. so I asked my Sgt. Where he got it from … he disclaimed all knowledge but that Goffer had asked him if he might kill on of my ducks – of course he told Goffer to go to the Sahib + and the wretch had not asked my !! So I called him in "Bearer, this is a very nice duck where did you get it?"

" I found it and killed it Sahib"

"Bearer where did you find it"

"(He smiles and teeth!!) I found it in your duck pond, Sahib"

"Goffer (sternly) you have killed one of my ducks , that is not good; Always you must ask first"

Goffer just blushed and hung his head on one side – like a coy girl and looked so miserable that I had to dismiss him and roar with laughter.

It was a good duck but I had only just begun to fatten them and their eggs are beautiful .. chickens I cannot keep but have several geese.

I hear my coolies in frightful argument – they think the job is impossible but with characteristic sang-froid are getting on with the job – after all they know all the English are mad so they might as well humour them

God bless you sweet heart


7 Jan 1944 Guise 217042 India Command

{ the date of this letter must be 7 Feb 1944 as the post mark is 16 Feb. and it was received 15.3.1944 }

Letter no.7 in India


Have just had two letters from you at the same time – no.7 in which you quote the i/tax muddle and no.8 in which you answer my first letter send from India .. it must have taken 16 days which is not too bad. I received your of the 11th about 6th. But then of course it was re-addressed.

As you will see I am still at my little job at the transit camp. NO word of any posting yet, but I suppose it will come some time. Now some business

  1. You promised to send me the income tax peoples letter and reference no. and have been waiting that … However enclosed letter to Llandudno which you can address and send on. The money can go into Barclays.
  2. In no circumstances put money into Barclays for me darling I do not need it and you do.
  3. Am glad Martin is clearing up the whole issue at last !! I think that at property will be so valuable after the war that I should hang onto those Whittaker Road houses like grim death.
  4. Uncle Rex sounds quite an interesting old cove. Is he a catholic by the way – hope I meet him sometime.

I think that is the end of letter 7. Incidentally you are not numbering them now. Now for letter 8

  1. My financial position is always rocky .. but really not more than usual . Your figure of £2 per month is all rubbish. Actually it is £20 or so but out of that one has to save for leave which costs £100’s and £20 is worth about £14 spending power.
  2. Actually in sending home £20 per month there should be a small balance of £25 per year plus any monies I send home from time to time. So please do not worry about me.
  3. I did not forget toilet rolls! Did I not tell you I was assigned to a raft and that means swimming!! Soap would soon melt – the raft was like those heavy things you saw in the Noel Coward film "In which we serve" fortunately at the last moment a boat came and took us off but it had no oars or anything – the propeller choked with wreckage – so we just drifted until a little 14 footer came and fetched us- actually that was one of the exciting moments jumping across several feet of deep deep sea from a 20 foot life boat to 14 footer , the swell was so terrific that the relative movement of the boats was about 10 feet – one being so much smaller than the other. So we waited until the lifeboat was on top then jumped down – almost as easy as that.!! What wasn’t so easy was jumping from a 14 foot boat on to a 23000 tonner of course the little craft was at times nearly under the keel of the ship and the next moment 20 foot above up to the port holes. When it came to my turn to jump, I just manages the bottom rung of the iron ladder .. a poor do. Several men were lost by being crushed between the boats and the ship.

But enough of this - am wasting paper. Damn my nose is bleeding again and my blood is much too rich for this climate and my nose is always bleeding also I am coming out in heat bumps!! Similar to ones I had as a child.. and I am feeling really irritable the night is so close we are in for a storm and more rain—the clouds are frightfully lowering -

Gosh even as I write the cold night wind has just come .. Rain any moment now.!!

Your new coat sound very nice darling … always said that severe clothes and cut and style suit you very well.

Expect it will be worn out by the time I see you next. - What is this terrific propaganda about the war finishing by Christmas 1944 .. When we entered Italy I said it would take at least a year to drive the Germans out of Italy .. am sure it will and then what about the Japs we have not even started yet. However let us hope and pray.

Great work Neil being out of the army. I must write and congratulate him. Glad the Cufforths are returning .. remember me to them.

Although at the moment I am liking India immensely yet I have had two I suppose typically Indian experiences more or less unpleasant - What I have seen of India there is no damn question of the mystery of the East or any such nonsense .. but sometimes (like the other night) the bright moon, hot night and hovering clouds threatening rain produced a curious electric tension in the air to which I am very susceptible – driving my Ghani back from the pictures I was subconsciously noticing all the landmarks and sign posts and so on. . when suddenly I found I was driving through completely strange country - mind you quite a straight road with no turnings - Now I admit I was doing a steady and monotonous 30-35 mph which is very soporific and my attention was distracted by some business I was thinking about … but !! I am damn sure I did not pass my camp .. However after driving for some miles I decided to turn round and go back and after some time retracing my way I eventually arrived at the camp – whether of not I fell asleep at the wheel I shall never know. All I know is that I was feeling curiously nervy and as far as I was concerned had not passed the camp the first time -- Curious eh!

Secondly I have a slight cold and catarrh, have had since I left England, but suddenly last Sunday without any reason I can think of I was smitten by a cold – the real thing – like any other cold but a thousand nay ten’s of thousands times magnified – It bowled me completely over – knocked me out !! but because it was so like an ordinary cold I refused to go to bed .. and the next morning I was much better – but it has left me with a nasty cough that will go (I hope) with the warm weather ( of course its not cold now 80deg. or so. . but it is very changeable and with a cold wind will drop to 20 or 30 deg. {Fahrenheit} in ½ hour.

All of which oddities darling I expect you will find difficult to understand – but when I return with thin blood and a good line in irritable temper and a liking for my curries hot, I guess you will "Ken" it all.

Incidentally I am trying hard to learn something of the people and think I am succeeding though I must speak the language fluently first. Think after many enquiries - rebuffs and odd stories I have got as near the truth of the Bengal famine as is possible. An my God it is not a pretty story and I should be censored if I told you all the truth – It is a horrible indictment of the corrupt type of Indian merchant and his general greed and the horrible muddle on the part of the Bengal Government.

Have many a lengthy political argument with Hindu, and Muslim and Sikh … have had in the mess an absolute rarity a degenerate (my adjective) Sikh .. ie. He shaves and cuts his hair – he is very modern , progressive and one of the Indian intelligentsia – Ugh!

God bless you My darling .. and keep you safe. All my love Tony

Darling read letter to i/tax possible Peters income will add to yours. – address and send with any notes - not forgetting 44-45 Peter’s income.

A B Guise Lieut RA AA Reserve Regt. RA India Command

Letter No.9

21 Jan 1944

{This is postmarked 25 Feb so was probably written 21 Feb.}


Your letters come in terrific spurts and I am now going to try to answer Nos. 9, 10 ,11

Afraid I have missed a few days as have been quite busy (relatively). Have been personally directing the coolies in a number of camp improvements – gardening and such like – and building myself a bungalow. Sketch No.1 is the bungalow !! made out of an I.P. tent about 16 feet x 14 feet with a veranda outside and flowerbeds. But it has been a terrific effort. 1st of all I chose the site between two clumps of trees then floor the bungalow but the ground there was a hill and very irregular .. however that was the site I wanted so the coolies cut the top off the hill and filled in the holes so that I had a nice little mound on which to perch the house!! Each corner of the foundation was originally on different levels .. and I had to do the whole thing by eye!! However the coolies worked very well and in a few days we had as level floor concreted over and mosaiced with coloured elements (real Indian village Art)

{ These coloured elements may have been woven sisal or reed mats }.I have all my life wanted a sunken bath .. so we built a sunken bath and an lavatory and then built the veranda and put the tent roof and fly sheet over it and partitioned the whole thing off into lavatory bathroom bearers cleaning room and my bedroom and sitting room- it looks very nice. The ground presented some difficulties but I transported tons of good soil and turf and completely turfed the hill except the flower beds and we cleared all the undergrowth from the copse and tented that as well so that I have a shaving spot in the open. This is the first time that anyone at the transit camp has done anything like this and the servants are thrilled to death – shall have to leave it all when I get my posting of course and shall be very sorry. All my servants and coolies now call me "The Rajah Sahib" and I certainly feel that I have a bit more Raj as I sit on the veranda at 4 or 5 o’clock and drink my tea before playing badminton and survey the more pleasant part of my camp which you see in sketch 2 framed by the veranda Part of the badminton court you see on the left in sketch 1. Everything is fairly green because I have a lot of water put down each day. It has been a lot of fun and I shall miss it like hell.

Had a spot of bother with my geese. The Chocia who looks after them came and told me that all the food had gone so I asked him what he had done with the rupee I gave him each week for the food and he told me he thought I was giving him 2 rupees wages .. instead of one rupee food and one rupee wages and that he had given it all to his mother… I was furious thinking of my poor geese – so I dismissed him. And was then faced with the problem of food .. so going along to the stores I found some lentils, split peas and odds and ends which I gave to Goffor telling him to see if the geese would eat it…

Half an hour later I was convulsed seeing an extraordinary very solemn procession – 1srt my 3 geese . Goose first (very small) followed in stately measure by 2 ganders (quite large) next came a sweeper with a stick gently helping the geese along – he was followed by a Goffer who was carrying one bowl of disdained food on one of my best trays straight out in front of him . Next my Sepoy bearer, looking very dignified and finally 2 or 3 coolies in single file and last of all the very small and very penitent Chocia who was the cause of all the trouble.

This dignified and purposeful column was making straight for me and I was quite convinced that Goffer had brought the geese, food and Chocia along to make a formal compliant and for me to interrogate.. Happily however this had not occurred to him and the procession filed passed in slow time.. I was fascinated and drawn irresistibly after them .. wonder where on earth they were are going and having a knawing fear that Goffer was going to slaughter them and that I should be powerless to stop such a horrible deed.. However we all processed about ¼ mile and to my amazement the geese were showed into the village duck pond .. My lovely lovely geese cohabiting with jungly village ducks – however the coolies blessed the whole proceedings and assured me that the geese would come to no harm.

Two hours later a delegation headed by the village headman with his wand of office came and made a formal complaint – that my nasty big geese were fouling his pond !! My God I’ve had enough of geese .. and I expect you have too so here’s some answers to your questions.

Please please don’t sent me anything for my birthday darling – I never know where I am going to be and anyway it may get lost.

DO go and see Aunt Frida in Nottingham – I should think it will do you a lot of good.

NO darling nobody drinks during the day when the sun is up … it has the most awful effect on one, but when the sun is going done and you have bathed and changed .. that’s the time when a gin and lime tastes better than anywhere else in the world and at any other time.

The letter you no. 1 is really no.10 Yes I lost the camera am so sorry . Am sorry that the girls did not come round or the Mater but you really must try and realise how really extraordinarily homey the family are – They will go to almost any lengths to get people into the house .. but just wont take the trouble to go out .. and in fact they know hardly anybody to go out to. – There seems to be two kinds of hospitality in people – ie. There are the people who entertain and the people who enjoy being entertained. The whole family belongs to the former group and don’t not really enjoy going anywhere out of their own little home. It is a strange trait but as you know we are terribly insular.

Letter no.11

So glad one Doc is taking and interest in the brat – always think it’s a good idea to have one man who knows the ins and outs to look after one. You seem to have had some wonderful Jan. weather – here it has just been hot rainy and stormy during Feb. anyway. – incidentally I did not get the copies you made of the income tax letters however my previous letters should clear that up.

Have not seen any really beautiful women in India – you ask if they are beautiful – I believe somewhere most of the high caste women are I believe to be found in the towns or their country houses or stay in Purdah and with the exception of Bombay and Calcutta, I have been most of the time in small villages on the plains.

But I suppose that if one got to know the high caste people in Bombay and the hill stations and say Jaypore and Hyderabad .. you would find many many beauties… of course the carriage of the women is superb and the finest of all is that of the village women who perpetually carry things on their head.. and they have a way of slightly swaying at the hips!! The children are fascinating and when going very beautiful – but the food, vice and work soon ruin them.

God bless you my darling – sorry this is a bit overdue .. Must write to the family again soon – I love you.


Lieut. A.B.Guise R.A.(1) 217042

13 I.H.A.A Regt. I.A.

Ceylon Command


11th in India

2 March 44

My Darling

I don’t think I shall write just now because I am in the middle of moving – trains and whatnots - .. all very harassing!!

UP to the moment am having the devils own luck .. good and bad. 1st of all, my modest efforts at my transit camp received the approbation of the Colonel and he asked me to transfer into the ordinance with the rank of Captain and my Majority in six months !! I spent a whole sleepless day puzzling out that one … It went terribly against the gain to leave the gunners and though I thought I should probably take the offer I felt a frightful cad.. However with corps pay etc I should be getting as a Major about £120 a month and that was a great temptation .

I could have sent you so much more money –

However my conscience was saved … wammitt!! Because the next day I was told my posting had come through from reserve A.A.Regt. – "I was that annoyed"!! but not a little pleased at the same time .. I was still a Gunner.

When I found my posting was as above was more than happy .. and in the Indian Army which is what I wanted - and Ceylon count as overseas service in the Indian Army so I shall get separation allowance plus overseas allowance…. shall probably need it in Ceylon. I believe it is very expensive.

Have bought one or two more things for you darling – 2 pairs of slippers another brass vase (!!) and some more ear rings All from Madras .. I have been looking around there – It is a very clean town quite large and quite fun.

When I have sufficient this together I will send them over to you.

Have just had to pay 7 chips for a very inferior fountain pen .. but have a marvellous suitcase for 92 chips .. on the way back home. God willing!! I shall bring enough suitcases for both of us in our travels. There are excellent value.

Went to a concert in Madras at Government House. The Madras Guard Orchestra … Quite good.. The Jupiter Symphony and other bits and pieces, with the usual sop to the public – good old Strauss!! Everybody dressed except the few soldiers (who had free admission) and that was fun after so much khaki. Imperious moment when the orchestra struck up "The King"and H.E. and Lady wife walked in. He looks more than slightly alcoholic – On the whole Madras is a wonderful state, clean and well cultivated and they grow all sorts of fruit and veg. in addition to the eternal rice of the C.P. U.P. and Bengal and of course since we have held undisputed sway here for so long everything is very English.

The odd thing about the dress is that here the men dress in the Calcutta style ie. White slacks and black cummerbund and jacket and it looks odd and cumbersome compared with Bombay black trousers and white mess jacket.

Sorry this is such a measly letter darling but it is raining like hell and am feeling rather depressed

God bless you darling

I love you very much .. Oh that you could see all this with me .

After the war you must certainly come here with me … it really is all rather wonderful.

Good night sweetheart – May God take care of you

Love Tony

13 Ind. H.A.A. Regt 1A Ceylon Command

Written in March 1944

{arrived 3.4.1944}

Letter no.12

No.1 in Ceylon


Two horrible thoughts.

1st I believe I have written a lot of letters by ordinary Airmail and have forgotten to mark them by Airmail so they will take months to arrive.

2nd In that long journey from India and in the heat of getting to the Regiment and so on I have not written for over two weeks. Am so sorry .. but have been frantically busy and too tired to do anything at the end of the day except have a drink!

You know my usual genius for getting done to work when in a Regt. Well I am just a Regt. Stooge at the moment – so have been given lots of work

M.T. Welfare Entertainment Sports Canteen and God only knows what. Some of the work entails calling in presentable civilians so on the whole am not looped up in an office too much … Gosh how I hate offices.

Have seven of you letters to answer and one of Yvonne’s and one of Neil’s. Shall number my letters as No.1 from Ceylon

Bought you some divine earrings from Madras – Ivory and Gold – am having them made so will be a day or two before they arrive.

Am sending off to you silk pyjamas dressing gown gold sandals and some lace collars and cuffs .. also some more brass!! What ever you do ..DO NOT clean it with metal polish .. just a leather… that is the coloured brass of course. . the other does not matter

You should have the other things by now darling … shall be sending in things from Ceylon soon I hope. Gosh Columbo is a wizard place. . It never gets much hotter than about 95 deg and never much cooler. There is no summer or winter and most of the rain comes at night. The see makes the climate very equitable. YOU don’t get those frightfully cold nights of the U.P. and the C.P.and the colossal day temperatures of 120 deg in the shade.

AM rapidly acquiring an intimate knowledge of the large hotels and clubs I the orient.

Taj (Bombay) Gt Eastern ( Calcutta) Connemara Madras and how wonderful a place the Galle Face in Columbo, as famous as Shepherds in Cairo and much cleaner – The lavatories as wonderful. The Ceylonese all look very well dressed and prosperous and quite happy and Columbo seems to be quite the best sort of British Colonial town with very colonial houses and spacious gardens and things quite English.

When the British Colonies are good they seem to be very good… and is surely an answer to our distraction in India – The Indian administration has bought the whole country to the brink of ruin- whereas here with similar difficulties, a great job of work has been done .. the last riots were in 1915 – a long time ago !!

I would like to answer your letter now darling but have not room .. by the way ..

I know that I have to put my rank and number on the top of the letter but you should not use it on the envelope.. This is the proper way to address me

A.B.Guise R.A.
13 Ind H.A.A. Regt. I.A.
Ceylon command.

You might tell the others too. .. have noticed it for a long time – but have always forgotten to mention it.

Your letters darling are of course going all over the place as you can well imagine with my changes of address. Have just received one dated 19th Feb your no. 11 but nos. 1,3,5,6,7,8,9 seem to be missing – suppose they will turn up.

You seem to have been very ill darling, am so sorry. Do hope you are ok. Now you mention Raoul’s health and one or two other things, which leave me in the dark completely because I have not the intermediate letters.

Yvonne and Neil seem very happy .

Oh by the way my troops are Madras lads – must write you a very long letter all about them, they are great fun. They only speak Tamil, Telugu and Malidrum {insure} – and I only speak English and Urdu . There is a 4th complication in Ceylon Sinhalese.

Shall be a pukka oriental by the time I have mastered these.

God please you my love

I am with you always Tony

Had a terrific dream in which I returned home last night ! Love Tony

 Ind. H.A.A. Regt 1A South East Asia Command

Written 9th May 1944

{arrived 25.5.1944}

Letter no.6


A most frightful thing has happened .. I am writing this in terrific haste. – Have just found two of my letters to you -- will send them off No. 4 and 5.

Masses of your letters arrived from India not long ago – it filled up the gap of 4 or 5 weeks. Most of the news is very old now.

Am receiving your letters here very well.

Raoul seems to be growing up very quickly, it makes me very lonely at times, I seem so very far away – However there is always work .. and I am doing masses of that. Am terribly busy - usually getting up about 7 in the morning ½ hr for tiffin, 2 hours Urdu in the evening and then I have just about had it. .. am suffering with my tummy again, prickly heat and slight heat exhaustion.

I don’t think people should work so hard in this very tiring climate – anyway the civvies don’t – But you know how naively active I am in the army – always have been .. and Indians require more care than a mixed battery.

Please God the monsoon will break soon. . one sweats so much that I drink about a gallon of water a day and an ounce of salt to make it up and a pint of beer in the evening to tone me up. When the days works is over at 7.30 I am quite finished.

Have smacked my bearer hard for tucking away my letters to you .

Sometimes swim a little in the evenings about once a fortnight . you would love it – waves 15 feet high that fling you up the beach again and again.

Guess I a am just browned off .. am feeling rotten about those Chitties { ? ? } have been having your letters so regularly.

God bless you my darling and keep you and Raoul safe … Time absolutely flies .. until I think of home !! Then Hell!!

All my love sweetheart Tony

13 Ind. H.A.A. Regt 1A

South East Asia Command

Written June 1944

{arrived 19.6.1944}


Your letters arriving on colossal splurges .. from India via everywhere. Heard from Neil yesterday – letter sent in March!!.

Heat, rain, moisture and everything persists here.. and just PERSISTS. Temperature never (even at night) seem to drop below 85 deg. Consequently life is either desperately hard working and dull or desperately hard working and gay(ish!!)

Actually about 6.30 in the evening I am finished and absolutely nothing amuses me except a drink and then another.

Have been suffering a bit from "prickly heat" which makes me very tired and irritable and of course my tummy was never very strong.

However Ceylon is really a glorious country .. one day I hope to see quite a lot of it. The humid clime produces a sort of interior greenness. The shrubs, palms and flowers are marvellous.

Everything (except man) seems to have grown. The flowers are the most vivid I have ever seen and the largest… The scent at night is glorious. The sun is bright the colour dazzling.. Everything is much much bigger or much much smaller that anything else in the world – or so it seems – little birds are not much larger than bees and enormous butterflies as large as a starling. The clothes of the people are interesting and I am getting masses of ideas for your clothes after the war – Oh darling if you were only here to see it all. . But you must come and see it in a holiday mood. Think of the hottest and most humid August day at home – and the brightest .. it goes on like that forever – except when it rains !!

There is not much to tell you actually or perhaps I am getting blasé as far as the last is concerned.. Nothing amusing has happened much in the army … and outside ..well there are processions and funerals and odds and ends to look at but nothing much –

Once one has got used to shopping in funny little holes in the wall (that novelty soon wears off) things seem but little stranger than home.. One gets terribly used to hearing a language of which you cannot speak a word - sometimes even I find myself walking or riding along without even taking much notice of the beauty … or squalor as the case my be.. around one.!

Will try to write you a long long descriptive letter darling .. but the longer I leave it … the longer it takes to write. God bless you my sweetheart

You are always in my thoughts. Tony

13 India HAA Regt. RA SEA Command

{Post Marked Advanced Base 22 July 1944
arrived 3.8.44 }

To Mrs ABGuise c/o Mrs Bull The Hollies Rushwick Worcester

Onto c/o Mrs Culforth 31 Cable Road Hoylake


Of course I would choose a morning when my prickly heat is giving me hell to write …However so glad you have moved out of town. I was getting desperately worried about you. I felt by the time they let us know any details the worst was apparently over

Maurice Callow told me about some of the calamities to his friends at home … it is simply appalling , the number of private houses that have been demolished.

Life is quiet here . . more or less the same old daily round – though I still seem to have a glut for keeping infernally busy… It makes the time go quickly too – do you realise darling that it was 11 months ago … nearly a year that I had my embarkation leave???

Weather is a little cooler but not much I have become reconciled to the state of continuous sweat . . So long as I am in Ceylon.

Afraid that the atmosphere is so devitalising and the wonders around are with one night and day that I am becoming blasé

Do you remember "passion fruit" "avocado pear" "pau pau" "li-chi" "mangosteen" as well as all the usual fruits. Well the whole bally shoot grows almost wild.

I am sending you home a little jungle book which is quite amusing.

Thanks you so much darling for the photographs. As I opened your letter the envelope released a tiny puff of your scent and I nearly cried – The photographs and the scent and suddenly you were here.!! I felt terribly lonely – Life is such a hell at times – it is now nine months.

I do not know what to advise about the Theodolite – it might be dashed useful after the war if we ever go surveying or if Raoul decides to become an architect. – I rather think he will. Both his Grandfathers were sufficiently clever too. I think he will be quite a good engineer or architect. – Your music and painting will almost certainly not bear fruitation… Though even in the music he may be influenced by both his grandmothers.

Oh I almost forgot . My yacht is finished at last . She is a trim little craft and I have quite a lot of relaxation rigging her and so on.. Have not raced her yet as I am having trouble with the luff of the jib. Its been an awful scrounge getting sale cloth etc. and so many of the fittings have to be improvised. However I am pretty sure that she will be as fit as any of the other in her class. When I can borrow a camera I will send you some photographs.

I think you would quite like Ceylon dear, though you would probably get very fat. Most of the white women here either dry up completely or run to frightful fat..

We are roughly in the same parallel of latitude as Neil … though I think his is a nicer climate.

You know how fond of golf I am – well after immense difficulty I managed to get some clubs and balls .. the club is 2 miles up the road .. BUT during a period of 4 months I have not mustered sufficient energy to achieve the target of walking up for a game !! That’s Ceylon.

God bless you sweetheart

I love you so much Tony