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Three Lives in World War 2

Three Lives in World War 2

1st Edition
December 2011

This article is available 
as four PDF files

Also Extra letters from friends after Tony's death  --  PDF file




Three lives in World War 2


A narrative that is focused on the lives  of three people over the period of the Second World War.

Anthony Benoit Guise  
Joan Mary Dibdin who was to marry Anthony  
Raoul Guise, their son.  

Drawn in to the story are the lives of many family and friends, especially Vera, Yvonne and Marie Guise, Peter Dibdin, Joan’s brother and Don Haycraft her cousin. David Muir, the boy next door in Joan’s childhood, plays an important part of the story.

This work is derived from letters, diaries and official documents.

The Article concludes with two letters written posthumously to Tony Guise.

On the 3rd September 1939 War

  was declared against Germany.