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Three Lives in World War 2

 The Marriage of Tony and Joan

1.   Contents and Introduction
2.   Joan Mary Dibdin 5.  Anthony Benoit Guise 8. 1944 A Difficult Year
3 .  1939 the Start of WW2 6.  The Wedding 9. The Final Blow
4..  The Guise Family 7. 1943 and India  10 After the War

They were married on 3rd Oct 1942 in Streatham and had a very short honeymoon in a hotel in East Grinstead.

On the 7th Oct, Tony returned to Scotland, probably to the Anti Aircraft Artillery camp near Glasgow.

There is reference to Tony having leave in November and Joan settling in the new flat on 23 Nov 1942 although this was after Tony had returned to Scotland. Presumably while Tony was near Glasgow he could easily get home on leave. For the period October ,1942 to October 1943 there is only one letter from Tony and that is to Mater in March 1943 telling her about his time in Unst Shetland.

Cutting from the local Paper

Guise - Dibden

At the Church of English Martyrs Streatham on Saturday the marriage took place between Sec. Lieut. Anthony Benoit Guise R.A. only son of Mrs Jules Guise, Pinfold Road, Streatham and Mis Joanna Mary Dibden, the only daughter of the Mrs Louise Dibden and the Late Mr. Dibden of Carshalton.

Given away by her brother Gunner Peter Dibden the bride wore a frock and hat on autumn shade of brown and green with a spray of orchids. Her mother was dressed in a black frock with a cape and a spray of pink carnations.

The service was choral, and the organist played incidental wedding music.

A reception was held at the bridegroomís home and the honeymoon is being spent at East Grinstead.

Note the errors:

The name is Dibdin
Joan did call herself Joanna
There is no Louise Dibdin in the family
Her mother was dead

 Coincidentally Joan, on 9th July 1942 was called up to join the ATS having had a medical on 23rd June 1942 and was put to work as a Motorcycle courier

In June 1942 she had probable just conceived to Tony.

Photo of the Wedding Guests
It seems that on Joanís side, there is only her brother, Peter, her close friend, Jean, and maybe Jeanís husband.

Link to annotated Wedding Photograph