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The Carlile Family

Information taken from the book 
The History of the Carlile Family (Paisley Branch) 1909

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The records seem to go back to the early kings of Scotland in the ninth century.
The line follows through 

Kenneth Macaplin -King of Scotland 844-860 Sheet I
Sir John Carlyle Sheet III
Adam Carlile Sheet IV
James Carlile Sheet V
Agnes Warrand Wilson m. Samuel Begg Snr. Sheet VII
Samuel Begg Jnr. Sheet VII
Mary Rowntree Sheet VII

Mary Rowntree, the daughter of Sam Begg Jnr, the artist, was the mother of Paul Rowntree.

Frontpiece of Book
Contents and Coat of Arms
Family Tree Sheet I Kenneth Macaplin King of Scotland 844-860 - to Sir John Carlyle who died in 1503
Family Tree Sheet II Includes Henry 1 King of France 1008-1060 to Robert the Bruce 1329
Family Tree Sheet III Sir John Carlyle who died in 1503 to Adam Carlile died 1685
Family Tree Sheet IV Adam Carlile b.1626  to Agnes Warrand born 1759
Family Tree Sheet V James Carlile born 1752 to Agnes Warrand Wilson b.1824
Family Tree Sheet VI Not available.  
Family Tree Sheet VII  Agnes Warrand Wilson b.1824 to  Mary Rowntree (nee Begg) b.1894
Family Tree Sheet VIII Not available.  
Family Tree Sheet IX Not available.  
Carlile Journal Written from 1813 by 3 Carlile girls.