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The Charles Dibdin Family 

One Line and Relations

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It seems that Charles Dibdin, the songwriter had three children by one on his mistresses Harriet Elizabeth Pitt.

Charles Isaac Mungo (Pitt) Dibdin, 
Thomas John Dibdin 
Harriet Pitt (an Actress at Sadlers Wells 1803-1816)  

For the present, this website follows one line down  Thomas John Dibdin descendants.

Extra genealogy information acquired in 2013


This site was started on the 8th October 2005 and initially is based on historical records found in the possession of one of the descendants of Charles Dibdin, songwriter and playwriter.
Since them it has been added to through the considerable help of Simon Dibdin and Mary Bole.
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Charles Dibdin

1745-1814 Songwriter - poet Harriot Pitt (lived with) 1748-1814  Actress
Thomas John Dibdin 1771-1841 Dramatist Nancy Hillier    Actress
Thomas Colman Dibdin 1810-1893 Artist Anne Alice Jones    
William Joseph Dibdin 1850-1925 Analytical Chemist Marion Aglio 1851-1928 Aglio Family
---- Ethel Margaret 1879-1960 G.E.Moore    
  Lionel Aglio Dibdin 1881-1933 Property Developer Cecily Haycraft      1909   Haycraft 
    Stanley Lionel Aglio  1910-1917        
    Peter Haycraft 1913-1943 Estate Manager       
    Joan Mary 1920-2008 Musician Artist  Anthony B Guise 1916-1944 Guise-Fleuss
  Marian Alice Dibdin 1882-1969  Artist Paul Montford 1868-1938 Sculptor
  Reginald Aglio Dibdin 1883-1957 Analytical Chemist Elsie Marvin            1911    
  Augustine Aglio  1885-1909 Died at 24 yrs. old or  died 1908    
  Laetitia Frances 1886-1948 Opera Singer Thomas Harrison Frewin 1935 1865 Conductor
  Frederick Joseph Aglio 1888-1956 Engineer - America Garnett E.H.Fowler 1925    
  Christine (Tine) 1889-1967 Lived in Meols Capt. R.Thomas       1921    
  Margaret Mysie Aglio 1896-1978 Live in Kew Rev Gerard Cowham      1921 1895-1977 Clergyman
      Cowham Family Site      

The remains of  number of the Dibdin Family are buried in Carshalton  at All Saints Church Graveyard. Details 

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