Camilla Lacey - Leladene

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The last "Dibdin" estate Camilla Lacey or Leladene was not developed in his lifetime but it would seem that the Partnership did do the job and judging from the present day estate it was styled in line with his wishes. 

There is historical interest regarding Camille Lacey and Broome Park surrounding the life of Fanny Burney and her French aristocrat lover and subsequent husband Monsieur d Arblay. see Camille Lacey.

There are in the archives 3 books of  photographs of the exterior and interior of the property 
including about 250 photographs of the furniture and fittings.

Index to Book 1          Index to Book 2           Index to Book 3

See more about Leladene on a dedicated website 

It is worth noting the difficulties over property development are much the same as nowadays as can be seen from the newspaper articles.                Camilla Lacey - Newspaper Articles(Leladene)

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