Photographs of Leladene and its contents - Book 1

Uploaded 26/02/2014

Amongst the family archives were found 3 Books of photographs relating to Leladene or Camilla Lacey

This house was part of the last estate bought for development by Lionel Aglio Dibdin in 1933 before his sad death in an airplane crash. 

The House was built by Fanny Burney, the writer of romantic novels, when in the 1800s when she settled with her husband Monsieur Alexandre D'Arblay, a refugee from the French Revolution and who lived at another of the properties, Broome Park, developed by Lionel Dibdin.

Some more details of this available in  the
Fantasy written about the Boxhill Area

( Most Photographs in Book 2 are duplicated in Book 3 )

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