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Camilla Lacey

West Humble next to Box Hill

Website - Specifically related to Leladene and its history

Map of the Area          Photographs from the Estate

Lionel Aglio Dibdin bought Camilla Lacey in about March 1933. It is located within a few miles of two other estates that he had recently acquired Pippbrook and Broome Park.

Sadly Lionel was not able to develop the site and to see his dreams for the area realised because of his tragic death in a plane crash on 28th March 1933, only a few weeks after he had acquired the estate.

Archived are 3 books of  photographs of the exterior and interior of the property 
including about 250 photographs of the furniture and fittings.

Index to Book 1          Index to Book 2           Index to Book 3

The House - Camilla Lacey, previously Leladene,- has a wonderful romantic history associated with a writer Fanny Burnley and strong connections with Juniper Hall and Broome Park. - See Web links below.

The Dibdin Family seems to have special connections to this area, especially T.C.Dibdin who lived nearby at Betchworth and who created the Frontpiece  for the book about Juniper Hall and Fanny Burney.

There are in existence three volumes titled "Leladene" of pictures of the outside and the contents of the property. 

Press Articles

Camilla Lacey to be a School

Camilla Lacey not to be a School

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