Selected Biographical Notes 
Thomas Colman Dibdin


THOMAS COLEMAN DIBDIN (1810-1893) was an illustrator and painter. Born in Bletchworth, Surrey on October 22nd 1810. His father was the dramatist, Thomas Dibdin. His working life began in the General Post Office as a clerk, at seventeen years old. Eleven years later, at the age of 28, he left that employment to take up painting professionally. Dibdin travelled widely throughout Europe, including, France, Germany and Belgium. Whilst there he drew the old towns and attractive buildings. Later, Dibdin invented the process of Chromo-lithography. He died in Sydenham on December 26th 1893.

Dibdin's work can be found in the following:- Progressive Lessons in Water Colour Painting - 1848; Herman's Works - 1839; Bacon's Oriental Annual and Rock Cut Temples of India - 1845.