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Captain Thomas Dibdin

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Tom Bowling 

written by C.Dibdin


born 9th Dec 1726

married in 1759 Mary Young who died 1772

married in 1775 Elizabeth Compton who was born 1744 died 1780

died April 1780

Daughter - Mary and son Thomas Frognal Dibdin, a well known writer

Thomas was the brother of Charles Dibdin the Songwriter.

The Myth is that the song Tom Bowling is about Thomas who was lost at sea.

Research by Simon Dibdin is as follows

At the age of 25 Thomas Dibdin commanded the 'Eagle Galley', a Sloop-of-war with 28 guns and a compliment of 220 men. The Sloop-of-war patrolled the Bristol Chanel. Under Lord Chatham's administration possibly went to war? Married first wife in 1759. She died whilst he was abroad (India?). He then became a rover around the Indian Ocean. Married Elizabeth Compton in Calcutta in 1775. Lived in Nagore & Calcutta, India. Became ill after being struck by lightening in Jedddah, Saudi Arabia. Died aboard Danish Vessel 'Hoysom' on his return voyage to England and buried in an unmarked grave in Cape Town, South Africa.