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The Fleuss History

Dorothy Fleuss married to Arthur Heinrich

To clarify there were 8 children born to Henry Otto FLEUSS, seven married and 6 of these were girls 

Children of 
Henry Otto FLEUSS

Spouses of Children


Katherine Edith Levine Frank Herbert WILSON WILSON
Margaret Amy  Arthur Michael BAINES BAINES
Gertrude Frederick EUSTACE EUSTACE
Audrey Mary Charles Arthur FRANKLAND FRANKLAND
Gerald Osmond Wilhelmina FREW FLEUSS
Vera Agnes Jules GUISE  (GIESE) GUISE  
Wilfrid Arthur



Dorothy Fleuss

Born  18 Nov 1880 at 42 Bramah Road Brixton

Married   16 Sep 1914 to Arthur Heinrich - later Heinrich was changed to Rich.

Died   - unknown but after 1970

She and her husband left for the New York in 1914 from Liverpool on SS Megantic.
They emigrated to avoid the problems created by his German descent.

Two Daughters born in USA 
Ursula 23 May 1915
Muriel 14 Mar 1917

Dorothy like her sister Vera was of dramatic inclination and was prone to swoon or faint and retire to her "sick-bed". Their older sister, Katherine was probably somewhat different, in so far as she just ran away with a Count according to the family rumours.

Dorothy married a man believe to be of German descent, just before the First World War and so she and her husband, Arthur,  had to leave the country emigrating to America in 1914. Despite their new start Arthur found that even in America, it was advisable to change the family name from a German one so they used "Rich".

Richard Stenning was in contact with Muriel Mendoza nee Heinrich or Rich  and there are numerous letters from her with considerable detail and some photographs including historical ones.


Before moving to the USA Dorothy had a very active life, doing some nursing when she was young. She, as did her sister Vera, worked on the stage and was in the 1911 production of Max Reinhardts "The Miracle".

She also worked at Royal Doulton painting china. She was also an excellent milliner and a good cook.

Like her sister Vera, she had a theatrical temperament. She fainted at will and retired to her "sick bed" She was reluctant to let her daughters marry.

 Taken from a letter by her daughter Muriel to Richard Stenning

A little bit about mother: { Dorothy Heinrich nee Fleuss daughter of Henry Otto Fleuss}

She was a wonderful mother with great gifts. As a young woman I know she did a little nursing which showed her compassionate side. She also appeared on the stage in England as a dancer in Max Reinhardt’s famous “The Miracle”. She also worked at Royal Doulton’s factory painting on china. Here’s where the artist came out in her, however I never saw her draw, hold a paint brush or dance. Her other talent was Millinery work. She excelled in it, but only for her or the family’s pleasure. She was a remarkable cook, but an amazing pastry and desert maker. If my father had permitted her to work she could have made her fortune at this one talent.

Much could be written about her. She was rather a complex person not unlike Aunt Vera by what Yvonne and Maria say. Quite dramatic and theatrical in a way. Fainting at will or going to her supposed “sick bed” if things didn’t always go quite right. I must say it stopped with her. Ursula and I did not inherit it. It served her well in the early years and being obedient children we always buckled under to “keep the peace” at all costs. As we grew into adulthood we could see through a lot of it.

The treat of marriage by one of us was almost impossible. I was the youngest but first married, leaving Ursula to deal with the situation at home. Then Ursula married a few years later. Mother was devastated as she no longer had a child to lean on. My marriage lasted almost 50 years, Ursula’s only a few as her husband passed away a few years after marriage with lung cancer. Ursula returned home to mothers and Dad’s with the thought of one day remarrying, as she was still in her twenties, but it never happened.

She once again became the strength of the family, which saw them through to their last days. Both of them lived to 90. In all fairness to mother, I must say as I have grown older and looked back on her life, I have come to realise the enormity of the trauma she suffered. She grew up surrounded by a large family and I’m sure lots of love, married a German, war broke out and they were forced to leave the country. Dad was quite wealthy and they lived very well I believe, servants etc. Then England told him  to leave, as he was a German, they also froze all his assets. I believe Grandfather { Henry Otto}, had to pay their passage to the States. He never recovered his money from England. He made a modest living but never recovered his wealth.

Little did she know when she recovered she said to her parents and brothers and sisters that she’d never see any of them again and she’d never see England again.

The early years were a struggle and I am sure she hated every day in the States. But the later years were kinder to her. The copy of the letter you sent to me written by {to} her mother {sister} amused me, quote “It is such a wonderful Country” rather surprised me as she always acted as though she didn’t like it and there was only “Dear Old England”.  We had such an in depth education about England while growing up that I feel as though that was my country.

Taken from a letter from Dorothy to her sister Audrey Mary Frankland on the death of her husband in 1928.
"Oh Audrey, if only you could come here, what a great blessing it would be for you and your children's education would be quite free.......  It is such a wonderful Country, I know you would like it very much.".

Most of the complete letter is available.


The Mystery of Hugh B Heinrich --From Ancestry:

Hugh B Heinrich  born in 1912 in Eastry mother's maiden name Fleuss - 
Meanwhile Dorothy aged 30, who was to marry Arthur 2 years later, was at 10 Osbourne Road Broadstairs with her sister, Vera aged 20.  No.10 was a  home of 32 women aged 78 to 17 years old.
Both girls referred to in the 1911 Census as Help at Home  

Dorothy Fleuss married Arthur Heinrich in 1914 just before the outbreak of war

In the 1911 Census Arthur Heinrich,  born in Germany in 1884 was visiting a house in Fulham
He worked as a superintendent for an Insurance Co.

There is an entry in Ancestry for the marriage of Hugh B Heinrich or Hugh B Atkins to Rosa Gerson in South Eastern Surrey in 3rd quarter of 1937.  
Hugh Ben Atkins born 2 Jun 1912 died in Aug 1984 in Hastings and Rother.
Rosa Atkins born 17 Mar 1912 died in Sept 1996 in Hastings and Rother.

( Just to add to the mystery: 
Heinrich S Gerson married to Florshein or Lazarus
in 3rd quarter of 1942 - probably no connection)

A birth certificate and/or marriage certificate would explain more.

Further Details and Photographs relating the the Heinrich Descendents


Born 23 May 1915

Her second name may be Gabriel after 2 nuns that comforted her on the trip over to USA in November 1914

Married after Muriel

3 children
Kim  married name GRAJCAR

Died 4th January 1995



Born 16 March 1917
16 March 1938 to David Mendoza, a 5th generation American who was born 17 Jan 1916
3 Children
Died --

Muriel took an a art course and studied fashion design to become a designer.
Family meant a lot to Muriel 
1st letter to Richard 1993
Made a  trip to Europe in 1999 with daughter Kim


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