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The Frankland History


Charles Arthur Frankland

Born 28 May 1881

Married 02 Jul 1907 to Audrey Mary Fleuss 

Died 18 Feb 1928 

6 Children 
Peter Charles Arthur 
John Charles 
Oswald J
Paul Frankland
Anne S  who married Alfred W Stenning and was Richard Stenning's mother.

Richard's Grand father, Charles Arthur Frankland, was  clergymen according to the except from Crockfords Clerical Directory. See Below
Charles Arthur Frankland Matriculated from Clare College in Michaelmas Term 1905 after keeping 9 terms at Oxford. ( Cambridge University Library). Also Attended Pembroke College Oxford 1900-1904.
He was born in Dulwich and attended Camberwell Grammer School.

From the Census
1911 Charles Arthur Frankland  Clergyman, living at 9 Osborne Terrace Clapham Road 
with wife, 3 children and 2 others, a nurse and a servant.

Paul Frankland is of interest because there is a suggestion this he knew the Guise family well and is in the Wedding Photograph 1942  of Anthony Guise to Joan Dibdin. Ancestry records show that he married Doreen M Perrier who was his first cousin one removed although about the same age. 
A question arises over Doreen's sister, Betty Perrier,  who married Benjamin Wilson. Benjamin was not related in any way to Betty's mother's family ie Frank Wilson and Family ?
See Wedding Photograph 1944


As mentioned elsewhere,  Richard Stenning seemed to have put considerable effort into researching the Frankland Baronets, perhaps searching for the link with his mother's Frankland Family. 

He may have been attracted by the possibility of the clergyman connection. It seems that so far no connection has been made.

Details regarding Canon Roger Frankland

See Frankland Baronets Family Tree

Richard homed in on  Canon Roger Frankland, who was a Canon at Wells Cathedral and whose son became the 8th Baronet.
See  letter from Wells Cathedral and some further details.