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The Guise History

The Frankland Family

Charles Arthur Frankland married Audrey Mary Fleuss on 2nd July 1907

To clarify Audrey Mary was one of  8 children born to Henry Otto Fleuss, seven married
and 6 of these were girls 

Children of 
Henry Otto FLEUSS

Spouses of Children


Katherine Edith Levine Frank Herbert WILSON WILSON
Margaret Amy  Arthur Michael BAINES BAINES
Gertrude Frederick EUSTACE EUSTACE
Audrey Mary Charles Arthur FRANKLAND FRANKLAND
Gerald Osmond Wilhelmina FREW FLEUSS
Vera Agnes Jules GUISE  (GIESE) GUISE  
Wilfrid Arthur




Audrey Mary Fleuss

04 Dec 1887 114 Akerman Road Brixton 

02 Jul 1907 to Charles Arthur Frankland

15 Nov 1962  Redhill General Hosp

Peter Charles Arthur 
John Charles 
Oswald J
Anne S  
Paul Frankland believed to be in Canada

Anne S Frankland  married Alfred W Stenning and was Richard Stenning's mother.

See Family Tree below

Paul Frankland is of interest because there is a suggestion this he knew the Guise family well and is in the Wedding Photograph 1942  of Anthony Guise to Joan Dibdin. Ancestry records show that he married Doreen M Perrier who was his first cousin one removed although about the same age. 
A question arises over Doreen's sister, Betty Perrier,  who married Benjamin Wilson. Benjamin was not related in any way to Betty's mother's family ie Frank Wilson and Family ?
See Wedding Photograph 1944

A question arises over, Doreen's sister,  Betty Perrier who married Benjamin Wilson. Was Benjamin related in any way to Betty's mother's family ie Frank Wilson and Family

The Frankland web pages are based on the work of Richard Michael Stenning who over some years collected details of the Fleuss and Frankland Families from archive and family sources.

It would seem that Richard, amongst his other work, was trying to demonstrate a connection between his mother's branch of the Frankland Family and that of the Frankland Baronets.
Amongst the archive is a hand written family tree following the line of the Frankland Baronets from before 1600 to1943. See Family Tree for Frankland Baronets.

Richard Michael Stenning
Born 20th May 1946, Horsham, Isle of Wight, West Sussex
Married Jean Court
Died 24th Sept 2007 in Somerset
Death Certificate.

Richard's grandfather was Charles Arthur Frankland who married Audrey Mary Fleuss. One of their six children was Paul Frankland who seemed to have married his once removed cousin, Doreen M Perrier grand-daughter of Katherine Edith Fleuss in the 1940's and then emigrated to Canada sometime after the war.
See Photograph of Guise-Dibdin Wedding

Charles Arthur Frankland - Matriculated from Clare College in Michaelmas Term 1905 after keeping 9 terms at Oxford. ( Cambridge University Library). Also Attended Pembroke College Oxford 1900-1904

He was born in Dulwich and attended Camberwell Grammer School.


From Richard notes: 

Henry Otto was a part time artist
Audrey Mary Fleuss went to Art College
Charles Fleuss was an Artist
Oswald Fleuss Artist 
Dorothy was an Actress 
Muriel, Dorothy's daughter, went to Art College
Peter & Paul Frankland were Commercial Artists
James Frankland was a Draftman 
Richard's brother Rael ??  was a  Graphics designer
Gerald Fleuss is a Calligrapher.

Going back in time, Roger Frankland, born 17 November 1762, was Canon of Wells Cathedral and married to Catherine Colville. His eldest son succeeded his cousin as the 8th Baronet Frankland.  See Family Tree for Frankland Baronets

See Details on pages from Wells Cathedral.
Richard seemed to have striven to show a connection between the two Frankland families.

Regarding People in Brookwood Cemetery

See Page of all documents

In the Richard Stenning Archive are forms relating to those interned at Brookwood Cemetery which is in Surrey.

Grave site at Brookwood for Late Father and others ( of Mrs Susannah Eliza Frankland ) on 9th April 1931

In Brookwood Cemetery Late Sava Beatrice Frankland by Miss M.Frankland   3rd Sept 1965