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The Fleuss History

Gerald Fleuss 

Born  1942
Calligrapher, Author
Fellow of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators 

Son of Douglas Connell FLEUSS 
born 29 June 1911 
married Phyllis Joan Hardwick  
died 17 April 1988

Grandson of Gerald Osmond FLEUSS
born 22 September 1890

Some details taken from 1992  

Fellow of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators since 1982; 

Member of Letter Exchange since 1988

and The Art Workers' Guild since 1983


Calligraphic training: 
Joined David Kindersley’s workshop part-time in
Digby Stuart College, Roehampton Institute (
1981-82) under Ann Camp. 


Recent commissions: 
Chartered Institute of Arbitrators; 
College of Arms; 
Australia & New Zealand Bank; 
Greene King; Dorchester Brewery; 
European Heritage; 
Airey Neave Trust


Main publications: contributor to 
The Sheuffer Book of Handwriting Styles
The Calligrapher's Project Hook
, Susanne Haines; 
Reproductions of work have appeared in
Modern Scribes and Learning Artists I and II; 
The Calligrapher's Handbook,


Recent exhibitions: 
Minnesota Art Gallery; 
St Bride’s Printing Library, London; 
Crafts Council; 
Bruges; The Spirit of the Letter, touring exhibition

Many more up to date details of his life, work and activities can be seen 
on the website:
and the blog

The author is thankful to Gerald Fleuss for some notes regarding members of the family which he wrote in 1992 to Richard Stenning. These are included within the relevant webpages.

November 2015

Reminder of some of the Fleuss Family

To clarify there were 8 children born to Henry Otto FLEUSS, seven married and 6 of these were girls 

Children of 
Henry Otto FLEUSS

Spouses of Children


Katherine Edith Levine Frank Herbert WILSON WILSON
Margaret Amy  Arthur Michael BAINES BAINES
Gertrude Frederick EUSTACE EUSTACE
Audrey Mary Charles Arthur FRANKLAND FRANKLAND
Gerald Osmond Wilhelmina FREW FLEUSS
Vera Agnes Jules GUISE  (GIESE) GUISE  
Wilfrid Arthur