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The Fleuss Family


Henry Joseph Fleuss


Prussian- naturalised British Subject

Some paintings

Born in Prussia  1811 - Apparently Dusseldorf
Came to England in the 1830's
Naturalised British Subject
First Drawing Master at Marlborough College  1844-56
Presumed married by about 1846 to Charlotte Sophie Kolbach ( Coulbach )

They had a total of 11 children

Henry Albert Fleuss 1851-1933 Inventor of Diving Equipment
Henry Otto Fleuss 1847-1918 Father of 8 Children
Margaret Fleuss 1853-1939 married John Francis Bentley Architect for Westminster Cathedral
For those with no blue hyperlink see H.J.Fleuss Offspring
Belinda Fleuss 1851-  Married to Frederick L Jefferson
Charlotte Fleuss 1854-1855 Died in infancy
Caroline Sophie Fleuss 1856-1860 Died in infancy
Charles S Fleuss 1857- Artist
Oswald Fleuss 1859-1915 Artist
Willian Moritz  1860-1862 Died in infancy
Joseph Louis 1862-1862 Died in infancy
Louis Augusta 1863-1863 Died in infancy

H J Fleuss died 29 Feb 1888
Charlotte Sophie died 23 March 1891 36 Claverton Street with her daughter Belinda and son in law Frederick Leslie Jefferson

In 1851 H J Fleuss, wife and 2 children  lived at Axford  Wiltshire
In 1871 H J Fleuss and some family were living at 283 Vauxhall Bridge Road 

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Three photocopies found in the archive that may be of Henry Joseph and his wife Charlotte Sophie
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Henry Fleuss was born in Prussia ( Düsseldorf)and settled in England c.1830. He is recorded as being the drawing and painting master at Marlborough College between 1844 and 1856. He died in 1888 aged 70. As a point if interest, William Morris was a student at the college between 1847 and 1852.

A portrait and subject painter in oil and watercolour, he was employed as Drawing Master at Marlborough College from 1844 to 1857. Though relatively little is known of his work, Fleuss has a certain fame by association: William Morris attended Marlborough during his time there, and Fleuss's daughter Margaret later married John Bentley, architect of Westminster Roman Catholic Cathedral. He is represented in the collections of the Manchester City Galleries, with a portrait of the Earl of Wilton.

He exhibited at the Royal Academy at various times between 1847  and 1874

We have the following anecdote from Gerald Fleuss his great great nephew.

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Marlborough College The Historical Perspective

Art has had a significant presence at the College for some considerable time, our most famous artist, perhaps, being William Morris.

Its origins however, are a little more lowly: it began as a subject in 1844 under the auspices of the first Drawing Master, H.J. Fleuss, in a classroom on the lower floor of New Court. Christopher Hughes, a distinguished art master, took over in 1920 and, in the 1930s, moved art into the Garnett Room (previously a museum).

Guy Barton followed in 1946 and, by now, art was becoming a more significant subject. In the early 1960s an art school was established using the gap between the newly added Norwood Hall and A House.

In 2005, the Art Department moved to its new, purpose built School. Situated next to the existing Ceramics Studio and Mount House Gallery, this outstanding contemporary educational environment has now been firmly established as a centre for artistic excellence for the 21st Century.