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The Fleuss History

Henry Otto Fleuss

Heraldic Artist
Confidential Clerk India Rubber Warehouse

Born 1847 Germany or England

Married 06 Aug 1870 to Mary Anne Katherine WALE

Died 01 Sep 1918 in Streatham

8 children born to Henry Otto FLEUSS, 

Children of 
Henry Otto FLEUSS

Spouses of Children


Katherine Edith Levine Frank Herbert WILSON WILSON
Margaret Amy  Arthur Michael BAINES BAINES
Gertrude Frederick EUSTACE EUSTACE
Audrey Mary Charles Arthur FRANKLAND FRANKLAND
Gerald Osmond Wilhelmina FREW FLEUSS
Vera Agnes Jules GUISE  (GIESE) GUISE  
Wilfrid Arthur



We have the following anecdote from Gerald Fleuss writing to Richard Stenning

Heraldic Artist - produced a number of printed Postcards under the pseudonym of F.Edwards and Co Bonham Road London. Produced books of various Saints including The Life of St George which was presented to Edward VII and is in the Royal Library at Windsor.

It is difficult to get an idea of the nature and true occupation of Henry Otto Fleuss.
Time and again it comes up that he was just a clerk or warehouseman for a Rubber Company,
and then there is the information expressed above that he was a talented Heraldic Artist.

In the light of the occupations of many of the Fleuss family  this should not be surprising.
We have a family of Engineers, Artists and Actors. 
Records and anecdotes enable us to put together some history of his offspring.