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A study of the Fleuss Family is a wonderful task of unpicking a blend of established history and dramatic mythology. The reason for this is probably because so many members of the family seem to have Continental European roots and it has been easy to allow the myths and rumours to develop. Thanks to the work of two people, Sarah Guise and Richard Stenning, much has been sorted out and these webpages are dedicated to their memory.

To set the scene it is worth mentioning some of the main points. 
Henry Joseph Fleuss, born in 1811, arrived in this country probably in about the 1830's to work as an artist.
He married Charlotte Sophie Kolbach (or Coulbach) who was born in Surrey but was spoken of as being from Vienna, an artist and a pupil of Lizst.
It seems that their eldest son, Henry Otto Fleuss was born in Germany and so was of German nationality.
Little is known of his life other than he worked in a rubber warehouse but was an artist as well. There has been some speculation within the family regarding his wife's ancestry.

Amongst Otto's daughters, two got married to men with continental backgrounds. Dorothy Fleuss  married Arthur Heinrich from Germany and they had to emigrate to America at the being of WW1 and Vera Fleuss married Jules Guise who was supposed to have ancestry back to French aristocracy. This has been found to be a total myth although, but even more dramatical,  his father Jules Carl Guise had Danish roots but married Therese Caroline Alexandrine Tourniaire who, in fact, came from what could be described as French Circus Aristocracy of the time, with a grandfather, Jacques Tourniaire who worked for the Russian Tsar and built the first circus in Russia. 
Jules Carl's original surname was Giese, a Danish name with probable German Roots, and he had to change it to create a more suitable "brand" for his work in the theatre business. 

Henry Otto's eldest daughter, Katherine Edith Levine Fleuss ( or Catherine ) seems to have caused quite a stir. She married a gentleman,
Frank Wilson in 1895, and had two children by him before disappearing off with an Austrian Count, according to the stories. It maybe that Frank ended up with a total of 5 of her children on his hands.

Little known, but maybe there is another family mystery surrounding  the two sisters, Vera and  Dorothy Fleuss and Dorothy's husband to be Arthur Heinrich. In 1911 at the time of the census both were living in a strange house in Broadstairs and in 1912 a boy Hugh B Heinrich was born. He later change his name to Atkins. Mystery solved, See below.

Within the descendants of Henry Joseph, for simplicities sake at this stage in history research, considered the patriarch of the family, are any number of artists, actors and engineers. As the generations continue and the family spreads out there are more and more talented people drawn into the family. One of his son's Henry Albert Fleuss was an inventor working for much of his life with diving equipment.
There is much about his work on his webpage but we are left with the sadness to know that his wife Rosabelle left him for America with their son Albert Henry Fleuss , also an engineer, in 1910 who had already married in England in 1908 to Ellen Mary Allen and went on to remarry in America. 

In 1916, just after her sister, Dorothy married a German and emigrated, Vera married Jules Guise, and still as late as the WW2, there were issues about the nationality of the family and their son, Tony, had to fight the system to ensure that he could get officer training. It was the nature of wartime Britain to draw out the dramatic and excitement within life and so stories abound, romantic and otherwise about life in the family during that era.

The Frankland connection is of interest as Richard Stenning, who Grandmother married Charles Arthur Frankland, must have considered that there was some relationship with the Frankland Baronets, but so far this has not been established.


One line of the Fleuss Family 
Henry Joseph
- Henry Otto - Gerald Osmond - Douglas Connell - Gerald Fleuss

See Family Tree

No way can this historical work be considered complete, however, every effort has been made to collate the information from various sources and leave it a state for others to develop. On the History Homepage there is "chart" showing the relationship of the Fleuss family to others in this website. It is well appreciated that this chart does not do justice to all the families married into by the Fleuss Girls and has a definite bias centred on the Dibdin - Rowntree Connection.

 Henry Joseph Fleuss, Wife and Children 

 Key People in First Two Generations in England

Henry Joseph Fleuss 1811–1888 Artist. Drawing Master at Marlborough College
Henry Albert Fleuss 1851-1933 Inventor of Diving Equipment
Henry Otto Fleuss 1847-1918 Father of 8 Children
Margaret Fleuss 1853-1939 married John F Bentley - Architect
John Francis Bentley  1839-1902 Architect for Westminster Cathedral.
Notes about 8 other Children
Belinda Fleuss 1851-  Married to Frederick L Jefferson
Charlotte Fleuss 1854-1855 Died in infancy
Caroline Sophie Fleuss 1856-1860 Died in infancy
Charles S Fleuss 1857- Artist
Oswald Fleuss 1859-1915 Artist
Willian Moritz  1860-1862 Died in infancy
Joseph Louis 1862-1862 Died in infancy
Louis Augusta 1863-1863 Died in infancy


Because of the work of Richard Michael Stenning, we have a considerable archive of material leading 
to an insight into a number of families connected to the Fleuss family, however most is known of the families of the offspring of Henry Otto Fleuss.
It is the nature of ancestry work to think in terms of roots and branches, so it is important to clarify at this stage that of the 8 children born to Henry Otto FLEUSS, seven married and 6 of these were girls introducing 6 more family names. Richard Stenning's grandfather was Charles Arthur FRANKLAND who married Audrey Mary Fleuss

Children of 
Henry Otto FLEUSS

Spouses of Children


Katherine Edith Levine Frank Herbert WILSON WILSON
Margaret Amy  Arthur Michael BAINES BAINES
Gertrude Frederick EUSTACE EUSTACE
Audrey Mary Charles Arthur FRANKLAND FRANKLAND
Gerald Osmond Wilhelmina FREW FLEUSS
Vera Agnes Jules GUISE  (GIESE) GUISE  
Wilfrid Arthur




From a letter from Gerald Fleuss to Richard Stenning


Further research needed on these comments from R Stenning's mother:

Barbara had illegitimate son ? and went to Jersey in late 30’s and never heard of again.

Henry Albert was talked about but only after Oswald and Margaret Annie

Margaret Annie was not seen for some years after marriage but when met up had 3 or 4 girls with same name as Otto’s girls – Gertrude Margaret Edith.


Historical Notes

There are few Fleuss names appearing through Ancestry, and it is assumed that they are all related, however there are a couple of anomolies.

From Birth Register

Name Date of Registration Quarter of Registration District County
Henry Albert Fleuss 1851 Apr-May-Jun Hungerford Berkshire
William Moritz Fleuss 1860 Jan-Feb-Mar St George Hanover Square London
Joseph Louie Fleuss 1862 Apr-May-Jun St George Hanover Square London
Catherine Edith L Fleuss 1872 Jan-Feb-Mar St George Hanover Square London
Wilfred Arthur Fleuss 1874 Jul-Aug-Sep St George Hanover Square London
Margaret Amy Fleuss 1877 Jan-Feb-Mar Lambeth London
Gertrude Fleuss 1879 Jul-Aug-Sep Lambeth London
Dorothy Fleuss 1880 Oct-Nov-Dec Lambeth London
Ethel Rosabelle Fleuss 1882 Jan-Feb-Mar St George Hanover Square London
Albert Henry Fleuss 1883 Jul-Aug-Sep Isle of Wight Hampshire
Audrey Mary Fleuss 1888 Jan-Feb-Mar Lambeth London
Gerald Osmund Fleuss 1890 Oct-Nov-Dec Lambeth London
Vera Agnes Fleuss 1893 Jan-Feb-Mar Lambeth London
Douglas C Fleuss 1911 Jul-Aug-Sep Lambeth London
Oswald J Frankland 1914 Jul-Aug-Sep Wimborne Dorset
Hugh B Heinrich
( may or may not this family- 
mother a Fleuss)
1912 Apr-May-Jun Eastry Kent

1881 - there is record of Helen Fleuss working as a servant in the Hackney Road Born Islington 1865

1911 - Gertrude Fleuss married Frederick Eustace  lived at 31 Wiverton Road Sydendam 

1911 - Wilhelmina Frew  b. abt 1889 Camden town  was married to Gerald Fleuss both living in
            Camden Town

1891 - Oswald was in Hammersmith with brother Charles S and his wife Minnie 

1911 - Oswald Fleuss, a single artist living at 115 Charlotte Str, Fitzroy sq. with two males

1911 - Vera 19 yrs and Dorothy 30 yrs were working at Buckmaster in Broadstairs and Residential Home www.buckmaster.org.uk 

1911 - Mr Henry Otto Fleuss lived at 23 Bonham Road  Brixton              

1911 - Mr Jules Carl Guise lived at 25 Bonham Road Brixton  

It would seem from this that Vera Fleuss and Jules Guise were boy and girl next door and married when Vera was about 24 years old

By 1900 the Guise family had settled in Brixton. Kelly’s for 1901/02 show they lived at 27 Bonham Road and they stayed there until the 1909 Kelly’s Directory show them at No. 25. The Fleuss family (Henry Otto Fleuss) lived at No. 23. Julius Carl and Therese continued to live there, Julius dying on 29th June 1939. I understand that Therese was bombed out of Bonham Road during the blitz in WW2.

1911 - Mr Fleuss lived at 10 Buckingham St Brighton – as a lodger 

1902 - 1st Quarter  Margaret Amy Fleuss married Arthur Michael Baines  


There are a couple of  anomalies regarding the Fleuss family 
that crop up within the ancestry records

Helen Fleuss 
born about 1865. In 1881 she was a servant in the Roluo household in Hackney.  No conclusion.
Annie Fleuss 
arrived in the country from New York on 24 Feb 1949 and died 18 Dec 1963 in Bournemouth. No conclusion.


The Mystery of Hugh B Heinrich --From Ancestry:

Hugh B Heinrich  born in 1912, registered in Eastry ( Kent) mother's maiden name Fleuss 
Dorothy aged 30, who was to marry Arthur 2 years later, was during the 1911 census at 10 Osbourne Road Broadstairs with her sister, Vera aged 20.  No.10 was a  home of 32 women aged 78 to 17 years old.
Both girls were referred to in the 1911 Census as Help at Home  

In 2018 a birth certificate for Hugh B Heinrich was obtained.

Birth          2 June 2012  at Sandown Villa College Road Deal
Name        Hugh Benno 
Father        Arthur Benno -occupation Director of Motor car Company,           --  ---------living at 14 Horbury Cres Notting Hill Gate 
Mother        Dorothy Heinrich formerly Fleuss 
Registered   30th June 1912

Dorothy registered that she was already married although she was to marry two years later. She must have planned to have the baby adopted and gone to the establishment in Broadstairs with her sister, Vera, for support. Deal is about 8 miles from Broadstairs

Dorothy Fleuss married Arthur Heinrich in 1914 just before the outbreak of war. IT is with some sadness that one ponders on the reason that Dorothy should have her first child given up for adoption, considering that although she was we think still single she was obviously planning to marry the lads father and in fact did 2 years later. The sadness is compounded by the fact that they were both expelled from the country because of his German roots and the initiation of the war. 

In the 1911 Census Arthur Heinrich,  born in Germany in 1884 was visiting a house in Fulham
He worked as a superintendent for an Insurance Co.

There is an entry in Ancestry for the marriage of Hugh B Heinrich or Hugh B Atkins to Rosa Gerson in South Eastern Surrey in 3rd quarter of 1937.  
Hugh Ben Atkins born 2 Jun 1912, died in Aug 1984 in Hastings and Rother.
Rosa Atkins born 17 Mar 1912, died in Sept 1996 in Hastings and Rother.

( Just to add to the mystery: 
Heinrich S Gerson married to Florshein or Lazarus
in 3rd quarter of 1942 - probably no connection)



From Wiltshire and German Records

Two Photographs that need identification

Photograph in the Richard Stenning Fleuss Archives of unknown couple


Photograph in the Richard Stenning Archive - an unknown Wedding
Interesting that the Groom is not seated by the Bride
Richard Stenning refers to a copy of the photograph of Margaret's Wedding: 
far left probably H.A.Fleuss and Charles and Oswald.
The Wedding is probably that of Margaret Annie (Marguerite) to John Francis BENTLEY, the Architect.

Note the Photographer French and Co - 1 Railway Terrace Wallington