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The Fleuss History

Katherine Edith Levine Fleuss
and Family

There were 8 children born to Henry Otto FLEUSS, seven married and 6 of these were girls 

Children of 
Henry Otto FLEUSS

Spouses of Children


Katherine Edith Levine Frank Herbert WILSON WILSON
Margaret Amy  Arthur Michael BAINES BAINES
Gertrude Frederick EUSTACE EUSTACE
Audrey Mary Charles Arthur FRANKLAND FRANKLAND
Gerald Osmond Wilhelmina FREW FLEUSS
Vera Agnes Jules GUISE  (GIESE) GUISE  
Wilfrid Arthur



One of which was:

Katherine Edith Levine Fleuss
also Catherine

Born on 02 Feb 1872 at 285 Vauxhall Bridge Road, daughter of Henry Otto Fleuss 

Married Frank Herbert Wilson in 2nd quarter of 1895 at St Saviour's Southwark 

It seems that she had two children by Frank,  Joan and Margaret.  Margaret was born about 1897 in Brixton and life and the story became fantastic. She later hand another daughter Cecilia.

Rumour has it the Katherine left the family to to go to the continent when Cecilia was about 12 years old leaving Frank to bring up two girls on his own.

This maybe supported by Census records:
1901 -   Wilson lived at 57 Arodene Road Tulse Hill
1911 - F H Wilson lived at 69 Rectory Grove Clapham age 41 married but on his own  - Clerk

We have record of one Grandchild - Celia Allen

Katherine Edith was the eldest of the children and seemed to live the most complicated of lives.
Records and details are difficult to find however there is anecdotal evidence and some interesting rumours.
Some of the story comes from  her granddaughter and some from Richard Stenning, who researched the family in the 1990-2007 and collected stories from many members of the family. Richard was the grandson of Katherine's sister, Audrey Mary Fleuss, 

It seems that Katherine Edith ran off with a Count either Russian or Austrian maybe then the daughter Cecilia and later somehow had a couple of twins Beryl and June

It is reported by her granddaughter, Celia, that Frank Wilson, noted as a clerk in the 1901 and 1911 censuses, brought up all five children but up to now there is no census after 1911 yet to give confirmation.

1872 K.Edith born
1895 Married
1897 Margaret born
1901 Census reference to  Frank, wife, and Margaret and sister in law Margaret.
1911 Census reference to Frank - no wife or children -- see below Cecilia had scarlet fever.
1923 Betty, Margaret's Daughter remembers seeing K.Edith in Kensington
1930's Reported by Anne Frankland that her mother Audrey Mary took her to see Katherine Edith at her cafe in West London

Census 1901
Frank Herbert Wilson age 31, was living at 53 Arodene Road Lambeth (Off Brixton Hill)
With his wife Edith Wilson
Daughter Margaret Wilson age 4
And Margaret Fleuss aged 24 {presumably Katherine' sister}

{there is considerable detail about Margaret Wilson and her offspring  below}

Census 1911

Frank Herbert Wilson age 41, was living at 69 Rectory Grove Wandsworth
Occupation Clerk
On his own but the census shows a Miss Deakins at the same address but different household

Cannot find reference to any of  5 daughters.

It is reported that Betty Perrier, daughter of Margaret Perrier nee Wilson, one of Katherine Edith's daughters, remembers seeing her in about 1923.

There is also a rumour probably from the Guise family, that Frank Wilson had been in prison for fraud.

 Some details from one Grand daughter, Celia

I think Frank Herbert Wilson may have gone to prison for embezzlement, someone in the family, perhaps Maria or Yvonne Guise told me this

Catherine Edith had an affair and left her husband Frank Hubert Wilson to bring up his 5  daughters, while she went off with her lover. 

It is such a pity that no one knows what happened to Catherine Edith Fleuss, I see her as such a tragic figure, she seems to have been quite reckless especially for the time in which she lived. To abandon her five children seems such a desperate act. The fall out of her actions have affected so many people. All of her five daughters suffered terribly, they had trouble making lasting relationships and it was obviously a terrible family secret, my mother never really told me anything about her childhood, but she did love Frank Hubert Fleuss whom she thought of as her father and looked after him in his old age. Of course I never met him, he died before I was born. My mother and Father were never married, I am the illegitimate daughter of Cecilia Wilson and Harry Carter. He was already married when they met and lived with his wife Ada in Surrey, my mother adored him, I saw him regularly, about once a week on Wednesday afternoons. He was kind but we were not really close. He found the situation difficult but did his best. My mother could not admit that they were not married and I had a bizarre childhood full of emotional tension and cover up, so typical of the time. They eventually told me that they were not married when I was sixteen, a short conversation with my father, he said I should have been aborted. He didn't mean to be unkind, it was just a practical matter of fact, my existence complicated their lives. I now feel that my mother was very brave to have kept me. His wife divorced him when he was in his late seventies and he went to live with my mother in Bexhill, they were due to get married but he became ill and died. Their affair lasted all their lives and was another scandal, which I have to say affected my childhood. I discovered that they were not married when I was eleven but could not talk to anyone about it, there was no one to talk to.    

I discovered is that my mother was in Hammersmith hospital suffering from scarlet fever aged 6 in 1911 when the census was conducted.

Perhaps that is why I never met any of my family  on my mothers side.  My mother said that her mother died when she was 7 years old, but I can find no record of this.


The notes from Richard Stenning try to piece together details of Katherine Edith's children and there is a page which he had corrected by another member of the family, however there is some confusion surrounding Cecilia whom he thought to be called Celia. Sadly he did not have the benefit of meeting or contacting K.Edith's granddaughter.
Of her five children nothing seems to be known of the twins June and Beryl

Richard was not aware of Joan but some detail is available from Celia.

 Regarding Cecilia's Sisters

I did know two of her sisters Margaret and Joan when I was a child, but only saw them a few times.

Joan Wilson was probably the second daughter of K.Edith and Frank Wilson and seems to have had quite a busy life as did Cecilia.

Joan was married and had a daughter Brenda, who later married and emigrated to Canada, then she (Joan) went off with a married man  had another daughter Pat, got divorced from her 1st husband, was then deserted by the married man and finally married Ernest .Brenda was the preferred daughter .

Joan died of lung cancer when I was in my twenties. It was not a happy household , Joan was cold and very house proud, Earnest was ok. 
I and my mother used to visit once a year, they lived in Greenford in Middlesex. My cousins were much older than me so I hardly remember them.

Pat, (Richardson), Joans second daughter, had two children Jenny (Hume) and Michael. During a visit they talks of their family.  Jenny said that she has recently met  her mother's father {The married lover} and has discovered that she had had a half brother. Pat died in the late 1990's. 

I don't think Jenny knows much about the family history, she didn't know that my mother was only half sister to Joan, or that Catherine Edith Levine Fleuss/ Wilson had abandoned her husband and five children.      

From Richard Stenning, we have an induction to Margaret Wilson's family and ancestry record have enable a family tree to be assembled.

Joan Wilson 
daughter of Katherine Edith

No details other than those referred in the notes above and the summary 

June and Beryl 
twins of Katherine Edith

Nothing known

Margaret Wilson (also known as Peggy) 

born 1897  

married in 1916  Raymond Perrier   

There are a couple of fascinating marriages shown above which warrant further research work.

Betty Perrier seems to have married a Benjamin Wilson, the surname being her Mother's maiden name but much more significantly if it is correct:
Doreen M Perrier married Paul Frankland, the son of her great aunt Audrey Mary Fleuss married to Charles Arthur Frankland.
See the photo of the wedding of Tony Guise.

There is one anomaly that comes out of the records that should be noted. The general view is that Raymond Perrier and his wife Margaret nee Wilson had only 4 children however there is a birth record that suggests that a Perrier and Wilson had a child in Somerset called Margaret. Without more detailed research, the relevance of this cannot be established so the issue is left noted but open for the moment.

In the archive are copies of 3 sheets with some details from Richard Stenning regarding the Wilson family.

There is reference to Margaret Sara Beatrice who married a Mr Perrier and was on the stage with Vera Guise !! Apparently she killed herself over some stage death - she worked for  ?British Gaumart? who looked after children's education

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