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The Fleuss History

Oswald Fleuss

1859 - 1915
Stained Glass Window Designer.

Born 1859

son of Henry Joseph Fleuss and Charlotte Sophie

died 28 Sept 1915 at a Hostel of God

We have the following anecdotes from Gerald Fleuss his great great nephew.

Stained Glass artist working from studios in Hammersmith.
Exhibited at the R.A.
Wrote a book Designs for Church Embroidery published by R.Sutton
Vera recalls him as not just a brilliant artist but also a musician
Could create caricatures in a flash
He hated work and only did it spasmodically. He made some money and then dashed of to Paris and spent the lot, returned home and asked his mother, Charlotte Sophie, for a shake down. He would then stay a while and be off. He died at the age of 37.

Some of the story may be in keeping with the truth however we have a death certificate stating that he was born in  worked in Fitzroy Sq which is in the West End of London and that he died of Cancer of Oesophagus at the age of 47 in 1915 at the Hostel of God, Varth Side. { more likely to be referring to Hostel of God North Side Clapham Common, now the Trinity Hospice}