Lithographs produced by Aglio of central Manchester
from work by J Ralston

uploaded 09/11/2017

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Aglio at Manchester Town Hall

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These lithographs were published in 1820 produced by Agostino Aglio from work by J.Ralston who had lithographs by other artists. It is interesting that Aglio was in Manchester 10 years later, in 1930 for a period of 4 years, decorating the interior of the first proper Town Hall which was built on the site of the late Dr. Whites House, at the junction of King Street and Cross Street. See map below and also details of the Town Hall.

It is noteworthy that Aglio's daughter Emma and husband Francis Augustine Walsh, the son of his first Friend in England, settled in Manchester. Francis was doing significant work in Manchester in the field of public health in 1830 and the two got married and settled in Manchester in 1938.

Map showing the centre of Manchester in about 1900.

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Blackfriars Bridge

A rare and interesting view of the trestle bridge over the River Irwell. The view shows the tenements backing onto the river, workmen digging on the quay and loaded barges plying up and down the river. The bridge was opened in 1820, intended to link Deansgate with Chapel Street. Although born in Scotland, John Ralston (1789-1833), soon migrated to Manchester, which was rapidly expanding and changing under the pressures of increasing industrialisation. As well as depicting the smarter buildings of Manchester, Ralston was also attracted to make drawings of inner city dereliction and slum dwellings. He was an accomplished violinist and helped found the orchestra of the Manchester Gentlemen's Concert. Unfortunately, he died in poverty, aged only forty four in 1833.

Map of central Manchester from the late 1800's, showing how Blackfiriars Bridge runs in to Market Street and on to London Road Station
Artist J Ralston Engraver A Aglio 1820

Blackfriars Bridge
hydes-shop market-place
Artist J Ralston Engraver A Aglio 1820

Mr Hydes Shop, Market Street, Manchester
Artist J Ralston Engraver A Aglio 1820

The Market Place
marketst marketst-top
Artist J Ralston Engraver A Aglio 1820

Market Street
Artist J Ralston Engraver A Aglio 1820

The top of Market Street
middle-market whites-house
Artist J Ralston Engraver A Aglio 1820

Middle Market Street
Artist J Ralston Engraver A Aglio 1820 
The land once occupied by Dr White's House was acquired in 1820 and work began on Manchester's first Town Hall two years later. This was decorated by A.Aglio.

The late Dr Whites House

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