Details for the History of Moorfields Church

The illustrious church at Moorfields was pulled down in 1899 and replaced by the present church in Eldon Street, which was opened on 25th March 1903. The columns were reused but the frescos lost.

The grouping of the six fluted columns, overhead lighting, Agostino Aglio’s panorama of the crucifixion and rich altar table (like the columns by Comulli of Milan) has led Dr Rory O’Donnell to suggest that ‘Catholic London had seen nothing so dramatic since the east end arrangements of the Queen’s chapel at St James’ Palace from which they were ejected in 1688’ (Fig. 3).14 To Pugin it was ‘like a theatre... the product of a Protestant architect

The work in Moorfields may that been based on this print which was found in the archives.