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Below are a number of painting attributed to Agostino Aglio which have been collected from the internet.

Some are obviously by him but the are a number that may well have been painted by his son Agostino. In a few cases there has been a muddle between the two Aglios with the dates of Agostino quoted as 1816-85 which of course are the dates of his son Augustine. An additional confusion has been created by Agostino deciding in certain instances to call himself Augustine.
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001 002 003
Seascape 1858 Oil on canvas12 x 22 in (303.2 x 56.2 cm)

by Agostino Aglio

by Agostino Aglio
View over Mount Etna 1803 Bodycolour40.5 x 55cm Signed

004 005 006
Hampstead Heath Watercolor on wove paper 8 3/8 x 13 1/4 in

Attributed to Agostino Aglio
Attributed to Agostino Aglio Portrait of an artist at an easel oil painting9" x 7" (22.9cm x 17.8cm)

A group of stone pines near Tivoli, seen from Villa Adriana 1805 traces of black chalk, bodycolour18 1/8 x 23 7/8 in. Signed

By Agostino Aglio
007 008 009
Eisenach and die Wartburg monochrome wash over pencil 19 x 31 cm .Signed

By Agostino Aglio
Portrait of Tsar Alexander I of Russia, bust-length, in formal dress (illustrated); pencil and black chalk 15 x 12 in. Signed

By Agostino Aglio
Children Playing Games - Oil on canvas 20 3/4 x 17 5/8 in Signed

By Agostino Aglio
010 012 013
The Eagle's Nest Oil on canvas 28 x 35in (71 x 89cm) Signed

By Agostino Aglio
LUDLOW CASTLE watercolour on paper: Signed

By Agostino Aglio
Near Newport , 1836 pencil 4 3/4 x 6 11/16in

Attributed to Agostino Aglio
014 015 016
Rye, Sussex , circa 1810 watercolour 6 1/2" x 10" in

By Agostino Aglio
Newquay , 1879 oil/canvas 15 1/2 x 21 1/2 in Signed

By Agostino Aglio
Wooded Landscape With Two Boys Fishing In A Stream , 1836 watercolour and pencil 49 x 38.5cm. Signed

By Agostino Aglio
017 018 019
Wooded Landscape With Two Boys Fishing In A Stream , 1836watercolour and pencil 49 x 38.5cm. Signed

By Agostino Aglio
Crowd Scene before a King - watercolour 13 X 20 cm Signed

By Agostino Aglio
Portrait of Thomas Moore (1779-1852), head-and-shoulderspencil and white chalk 14 x 12½ in. (37.5 x 31.8 cm.)

By Agostino Aglio
020 021 022
1 of 3 Works: Portrait of Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832), head-and-shoulderspencil and chalk on buff paper 15½ x 12¼ in. (39.3 x 31 cm.)

By Agostino Aglio
and second sketch of Scott by the same hand, and of the same size

By Agostino Aglio
and third sketch of Scott by the same hand, and of the same size

By Agostino Aglio
023 024 025
Portrait of Lord Castelreagh (1739-1821), head-and-shoulderspencil and chalk on buff paper 15½ x 12½ in. (39.3 x 31.8 cm.) Signed

By Agostino Aglio
Portrait of William Carr, Viscount Beresford (1768-1854), head-and-shoulders pencil and chalk on buff paper 15½ x 12½ in. (39.3 x 31.8 cm.) Signed

By Agostino Aglio
Travellers resting in an extensive wooded landscape , 1832signed inscribed and dated 'A Aglio Xber 1832'... oil on canvas327/8 x 47¼ in.

By Agostino Aglio
026 027 028
A lady sketching in a pasture near William Blake's cottage, Hampstead Heath watercolour on paper23 x 31 cm Maybe the same as "William Blake's cottage, Hampstead Heath gouache and watercolour on paper.

By Agostino Aglio
Wooded landscape with two boys fishing in a stream , 1836 watercolour and pencil 49 x 38.5cm Signed

By Agostino Aglio
Composite studies of a woman standing and a man's head , 1827 pencil, watercolour and gouache31x22cm

By Agostino Aglio
029 030 031
Italian landscape with figures Relined canvas 46 x 60 cm Signed

By Agostino Aglio
An idyllic landscape gouache on paper laid down 18 1/8 x 18 1/8in (46 x 46cm) Signed

By Agostino Aglio
Wide landscape with a pastoral idyll 1825 oil on canvas 60 x 84.5 cm Signed

By Agostino Aglio
040 041 042
A fishing boat off shore

Attributed to Agostino Aglio (Italian, 1777-1857)
"Paysage au pont" Oil on Canvas signed Agostino AGLIO (Attrib.)

By Agostino Aglio
Two gentlemen before classical ruins

By Agostino Aglio
043 044 045
An arcadian landscape signed and dated 'A. Aglio 1848' oil on canvas 16 x 24 in. (40.6 x 61 cm.).

By Agostino Aglio
A Wooded Landscape With A Shepherd Playing The Flute To His Flock

By Agostino Aglio
The Abbey on Inisfallen Island, Killarney, Co. Kerry signed

BY Agostino Aglio (1777-1857)
047 049 050
Cattle Watering

Maybe by Agostino Aglio
Technical designs with coffered vaulting and columns signed 'A.Aglio' (lower right)...

By Agostino Aglio
An extensive coastal landscape with a figure

By Agostino Aglio - Attributed
051 054 056
A collier on the beach at Brighton inscribed 'At D?o 1819' (lower centre) pencil

By Agostino Aglio
Charcoal, Brighton Beach Scene,

By Agostino Aglio
When the Wind is South, it Blows the Bait into the Fishes Mouth 1855 Brush and black ink and wash, on paper.5 x 7 inches Most likely to be by Augustine Aglio

By Agostino Aglio
057 058 059
Flounder's Monument From the Race Course, Ludlow - Watercolor over graphite on medium,

By Agostino Aglio
View of the Falls at Tivoli; the river seen rushing through winding gullies from a hill beyond r, on top of which are buildings, in the left foreground, a group of trees, one of which has ivy growing over it, at the centre foreground two men and a man sea

By Agostino Aglio
Landscape; two figures walking along a road bordered by a fence, view from a height, overlooking fields and scattered houses, low hills in the distance Watercolour, on grey paper; drawn on the back of a publication by the artist entitled 'Hastings and its

By Agostino Aglio
060 061 064
Entrance to the Banqueting Hall, Ludlow Castle; a grassy ramp leading to the entrance of the castle, its walls overgrown with vegetation Watercolour

By Agostino Aglio
Landscape with a church; church tower with crenellations and gothic window with spire above, seen through trees, formerly called Pinner Church, Middlesex, but possibly St Mary the Virgin, Rickmansworth, Hertforshire, near Pinner Watercolour over graphite

By Agostino Aglio
General View of the Pyramids', Egypt, 1820

By Agostino Aglio
065 066 067

By Agostino Aglio
The Interior of the Temple at Ybsombul in Nubia 1820-1822.

By Agostino Aglio
The Great Chamber in the Second pyramid of Ghizeh, discovered by Giovanni Belzoni, 1820-1822

By Agostino Aglio
068 aa2-hampstead-heath abu-simbel

By Agostino Aglio
Hampstead Heath

Augustine Aglio son of A.Aglio
View of the Temples at Abu Simbel, Nubia, (1777-1857) Eengraving

By Giovanni Battista Belzoni (1778-1823) engraved by Augustine Aglio (Agostino)
after-john-flaxman bandits cityofbacchias

Agostino Aglio after John Flaxman
Salford Museum & Art Gallery;

Agostino Maria Aglio, Peasants Escaping from Banditti
City of Bacchias

By Giovanni Battista Belzoni Etcher Agostino Aglio
dresden george4 giveitway
Dresden, inscribed on old label verso ' "Dresden" by Augustine Aglio, 96 Gloucester Cresent, Regent's Park, London' oil on canvas, 202 x 78 cm. Agostino did use the name Augustine at times

Signed Agustine Aglio (Agostino)
King George IV (1 7 62-1 830) in the robes of the Order of the Garter

By Agostino Aglio Printed by John Lions
Thou art inclin'd to sleep; 'tis a Good dulness, and Give it Way 1854

By Agostino Aglio 1816-1885 (probably Augustine Aglio)
hasting1 hasting2 knots-after-jflaxman
Agostino Aglio, Entrance to Hastings, East Sussex, from the London Road

Hastings Museum and Art Gallery
Hastings Museum and Art Gallery

Agostino Aglio, Hastings, East Sussex, from the London Road
Knots after J.Flaxman

By Agostino Aglio
payage queenvictoria temple-tosse-tivoli
Paysage à la baie et arbres

Maybe Agostino Aglio
Young Queen Victoria (1819-1901); Parliamentary Art Collection;

Agostino Maria Aglio
Temple of Tosse - Trivoli watercolour

By Agostino Aglio
warrior wellington woolley-park
Persian Warrior, Hindu Rajah Medium:watercolor Size:36 x 25.5 cm. (14.2 x 10 in.)

Attributed to Agostino Aglio or probably Augustine (Italian, 1842–1885)
The Marquis of Wellington, K.G. Field Marshall. Onorate l'altissim o Cam pione, Dedicated with Permission to the R.t. Hon.ble. Lady Anne Culling Smith.A. Aglio etch.d. Engraved by H. S. Minasi from a picture by A. Aglio. Scarce aquatint with hand colour.

Woolley Park. With the procession opening of the new public road on the Sept. 1818. A. Aglio pinxt. et delt. Printed by C. Hullmandel.London Published for & by the Author, 18 Berners St. October 21, 1821.Coloured lithograph. 228 x 367mm. 9 x 14½". S