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Anthony Benoit Guise

1926 - 1944

Gallery of his Paintings and Drawings

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Anthony Guise was training as an artist before the second world war before 
joining up and training as a second Lieutenant.


tony01 tony02 tony03 tony04 tony05
tony01.jpg tony02.jpg tony03.jpg tony04.jpg tony05.jpg
tony06 tony07 tony08 tony09 tony10
tony06.jpg tony07.jpg tony08.jpg tony09.jpg tony10.jpg
tony11 tony12 tony13 tony14 tony15
tony11.jpg tony12.jpg tony13.jpg tony14.jpg tony15.jpg
tony16 tony17 tony18 tony19 tony20
tony16.jpg tony17.jpg tony18.jpg tony19.jpg tony20.jpg
tony21 tony22 tony23 tony24 tony25
tony21.jpg tony22.jpg tony23.jpg tony24.jpg tony25.jpg
tony26 tony27 tony28 tony29 tony30
tony26.jpg tony27.jpg tony28.jpg tony29.jpg tony30.jpg
tony31 tony32 tony33 tony34 tony35
tony31.jpg tony32.jpg tony33.jpg tony34.jpg tony35.jpg
tony36 tony37 tony38 tony39 tony40
tony36.jpg tony37.jpg tony38.jpg tony39.jpg tony40.jpg
tony41 tony42 tony43 tony44 tony45
tony41.jpg tony42.jpg tony43.jpg tony44.jpg tony45.jpg
tony46 tony47 tony48 tony49 tony50
tony46.jpg tony47.jpg tony48.jpg tony49.jpg tony50.jpg
tony51 tony52 tony53 tony54 tony55bear
tony51.jpg tony52.jpg tony53.jpg tony54.jpg tony55bear.jpg
tony56housedrawing0 tony57housewriting0 tony58housedrawing1 tony59housedrawing2 tony60housewriting1-2
tony56housedrawing0.jpg tony57housewriting0.jpg tony58housedrawing1.jpg tony59housedrawing2.jpg tony60housewriting1-2.jpg

Extra painting by Anthony

and this may also be by AB Guise