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Comment regarding the comparison between the paintings of
Agostino Aglio, Augustine Aglio and John Absolon


Among the many paintings, on display in frames and filed are many sign a.aglio. It is a challenge to decide whether or not these are by Augustine Aglio or his father Agostino. Much of the work by Agostino is signed A.Aglio and it would be convenient to say that one can always sort the paintings based on signature being either A.A or a.a. however this is unreliable. Another approach is to sort by judging Italianate and Allegorical or Graphical qualities verses English Landscape. This, however is not reliable as in reality both Agostino and Augustine were capable of  painting in both styles. and looking at the huge Scrapbook of Work probably put together by Augustine shows some of the variety.

The following article "Article by Yockney of the Aglio Family" is the only one found that discusses both artists. 

The issue is further compounded by  the introduction of comparison with the work of John Absolon, Augustine Aglio's brother in law. It is probable that the two worked together from time to time especially taking into account that Augustine Aglio and John's son, Hugh Wolgang de Mansfield Absolon, set up in the photographic business together in about  and  1852 at 201 Piccadilly. 

In an archived package of watercolour paintings there were found not only some signed by Augustine but also one signed by John Absolon.

This painting is signed a.aglio

 Painting signed John Absolon

In addition, there a many unsigned pictures and one can spend time trying to sort out the possibility. 

See Aglio Gallery  - compare with the Album Scrapbook

For example who painted this painting which 
stands out as being significant by its 
very crisp style.

for more painting see the Gallery collection 

An  additional issue is that in 1849 the two Aglios were working together on the decoration of the Olympic Theatre, finishing their work before Agostino suffered a stroke in the December of that year. He lived on for another 7 years and during that time was producing paintings with his left hand. 
See Agostino Aglio autobiography and biographies referred to on this page - Agostino Aglio.
It may then be that some of these painting referred to above are by Agostino and example being these two.

signed a.aglio

 note the signature A.A

These do not fit the style of either John Absolon or Augustine and are very apocalyptical so may have been by Agostino.

On a more light hearted note, there is painting in the second album scrapbook with an unusual attribution.

The signature in the corner of the painting is magnified.