Collection of Framed Pictures on display

uploaded 11/06/2014

Artists represented :

Thomas Colman Dibdin
Lionel Aglio Dibdin
Marian Montford nee Dibdin
Reginald Aglio Dibdin
Agostino Aglio
Augustine Aglio
Joan Mary Welburn nee Dibdin
Samuel Begg
Mary Rowntree nee Begg
Anthony Benoit Guise
J Guise nee Rowntree
S Guise
G Guise
Elsie Marshall
Kenneth Beanland
Leon Consearo
Kate Thorpe
and prints and paintings by others.

Many paintings with details can be seen through the galleries of individual artist's works 
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52JG 53JG 54JG 55JG
52JG.jpg 53JG.jpg 54JG.jpg 55JG.jpg
56JG 74 75fuchia Antwerp Cathedral TCD
56JG.jpg 74.jpg 75fuchia.jpg Antwerp Cathedral TCD.jpg
Flowers in blue vase halfsize GG1 IMG_3172 IMG_3175
Flowers in blue vase halfsize.jpg GG1.jpg IMG_3172.jpg IMG_3175.jpg
IMG_3177 IMG_3178 IMG_3179 IMG_3180
IMG_3177.jpg IMG_3178.jpg IMG_3179.jpg IMG_3180.jpg
IMG_3184 IMG_3185 IMG_3186 IMG_3188
IMG_3184.jpg IMG_3185.jpg IMG_3186.jpg IMG_3188.jpg
IMG_3189 IMG_3196 IMG_3198 JW1
IMG_3189.jpg IMG_3196.jpg IMG_3198.jpg JW1.jpg
LAD1.jpg LAD2.jpg LAD3.jpg LAD4.jpg
LAD5 Laetita Dibdin Original by John Absolom PanaramaTCDibdinlres
LAD5.jpg Laetita Dibdin.jpg Original by John Absolom.jpg PanaramaTCDibdinlres.jpg
SaffronWalden TCDibdin for sale 1 aa-boat aa-boat&house
SaffronWalden.jpg TCDibdin for sale 1.jpg aa-boat.jpg aa-boat&house.jpg
aa-bridge aa-fence aa-house aa-houses
aa-bridge.jpg aa-fence.jpg aa-house.jpg aa-houses.jpg
aa-townscene aa-tree adanelson1 annejones
aa-townscene.jpg aa-tree.jpg adanelson1.jpg annejones.jpg
armchair augustineaglio1 belt boat-titled800
armchair.jpg augustineaglio1.jpg belt.jpg boat-titled800.jpg
boyonbouy bridge of sighs by-mary-rowntree chicken
boyonbouy.jpg bridge of sighs.jpg by-mary-rowntree.jpg chicken.jpg
classical-landscape cluny coach collage
classical-landscape.jpg cluny.jpg coach.jpg collage.jpg
crane daisy denny1 denny2
crane.jpg daisy.jpg denny1.jpg denny2.jpg
denny3 elephant em-bridge em-tree1
denny3.jpg elephant.jpg em-bridge.jpg em-tree1.jpg
em-tree2 emma-duck flowers fr03
em-tree2.jpg emma-duck.jpg flowers.jpg fr03.jpg
fr04 fr17 fr18 fromkew640
fr04.jpg fr17.jpg fr18.jpg fromkew640.jpg
glimpse hammersmithfromchiswick hockney-print jg-cornfield
glimpse.jpg hammersmithfromchiswick.jpg hockney-print.jpg jg-cornfield.jpg
jg-driedflowers jg-horned jg-sea jg-tree
jg-driedflowers.jpg jg-horned.jpg jg-sea.jpg jg-tree.jpg
jmw-aftertcd jmw-daffs jmw-flowers jmw-rose
jmw-aftertcd.jpg jmw-daffs.jpg jmw-flowers.jpg jmw-rose.jpg
jmw-sheep jmw-trees jmw-winterscene1 jmw-winterscene2
jmw-sheep.jpg jmw-trees.jpg jmw-winterscene1.jpg jmw-winterscene2.jpg
jmw01 jmw02 joan-drury joanna picture
jmw01.jpg jmw02.jpg joan-drury.jpg joanna picture.jpg
johnheu1 johnheu2 ken-watercolour leon-boat
johnheu1.jpg johnheu2.jpg ken-watercolour.jpg leon-boat.jpg
leon-flower leon1 leonardo luke-lights
leon-flower.jpg leon1.jpg leonardo.jpg luke-lights.jpg
mrsaugustineaglio mrstcdibdin pressedflowers raphael-print
mrsaugustineaglio.jpg mrstcdibdin.jpg pressedflowers.jpg raphael-print.jpg
rgportrait rockpainting sambegg1 sidney
rgportrait.jpg rockpainting.jpg sambegg1.jpg sidney.jpg
smg-cologne1 smg-cologne2 spradbery stanleydibdinpainting lres
smg-cologne1.jpg smg-cologne2.jpg spradbery.jpg stanleydibdinpainting lres.jpg
stilllife tcd-corn tcd-houses tcd-landscape
stilllife.jpg tcd-corn.jpg tcd-houses.jpg tcd-landscape.jpg
tcd01 tcd02 tcd03 tcdibdin2
tcd01.jpg tcd02.jpg tcd03.jpg tcdibdin2.jpg
thewave tony33 tony38 tony49
thewave.jpg tony33.jpg tony38.jpg tony49.jpg
tony50 tony51 tony52 tony53
tony50.jpg tony51.jpg tony52.jpg tony53.jpg
tony55bear trudy tulip2008 unkown-tree
tony55bear.jpg trudy.jpg tulip2008.jpg unkown-tree.jpg
wall-gen wilson wrf-print1 wrf-print2
wall-gen.jpg wilson.jpg wrf-print1.jpg wrf-print2.jpg
wrf-print3 wrf1 wrf2 young-flowers
wrf-print3.jpg wrf1.jpg wrf2.jpg young-flowers.jpg