Elsie Marshall
12th April 1908 - 2nd September 2002

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Elsie Marshall

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Elsie Marshall produced a vast quantity of painting and exhibited many.

This collection was found in her house when she died.

Throughout her life she was obviously in contact with a number of the leading artists of the time and had strong affiliation to the "Arts and Craft" movement.

This collection amount to about  paintings some of which are on both sides of the paper. This is indicated by the painting number and then the number followed by  "a"

Number alone are landscapes
Numbers preceded by "f" are flowers or still lifes.
Numbers preceded by "p" are portraits

Detailed Catalogue of all paintings    
Thumbnails of all paintings in one file   - This may be slow to download  
Enter Room01 Landscapes in Watercolour   001 - 080
Enter Room02 Landscapes in Watercolour   081 - 160
Enter Room03 Landscapes in Watercolour   161 - 340
Enter Room04 Landscapes in Watercolour   241 - 320
Enter Room05 Landscapes in Watercolour   321 - 400
Enter Room06 Landscapes in Watercolour   401 - 480
Enter Room07 Landscapes in Watercolour             481 - 491     
499 - 505
Landscapes in Oil      492 - 498
Landscapes in Watercolour  (painted both sides) 521 - 556
Landscapes in Watercolour (backed on portraits) p079a      p083a
Enter Room08 Flowers and Still Lifes in watercolor      f001 - f080
Enter Room09 Flowers and Still Lifes in watercolor    f081 - f150
Enter Room10 Flowers and Still Lifes in Oil                 f151 - f183
Flowers and Still Lifes in Watercolour (painted both sides) f201 - f213a
  Flowers and Still Lifes in Watercolour (backed on portraits) 541a - 556a
Enter Room11 Portraits in Watercolour                      p001 - p083
Enter Room12 Portraits in Oil on paper & board        p101 - p158   
p201 - p232
Various Framed Pictures fr01 - fr22