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Comment regarding comparison between the paintings of Agostino Aglio, his son, Augustine, and his brother in law John Absolon

Agostino Aglio (AA Snr)
Assembled by Augustine Aglio
First Album of 150 pictures - A scrapbook of paintings
A second Album -         A Scrapbook of painting and poems
Augustine Aglio  (AA Jnr) Painting by Augustine Aglio and maybe Agostino
John Absolon and a few of his paintings in archive
Thomas Colman Dibdin
Lionel Aglio Dibdin Gallery of his paintings
Marian Aglio Dibdin (Montford) Link to 2 sculptures 
Anthony Benoit Guise Gallery of his paintings and drawings.
Henry Joseph Fleuss Selection of Paintings and Drawings
Gerald Fleuss Selection of Calligraphy
Joan Welburn nee Dibdin
Samuel Begg 
Elsie Marshall Gallery of her paintings
Fred Rowntree Detailed Drawings of Chengtu University
Mary Rowntree nee Begg Mary's Paintings, Drawings and Designs
Kenneth Beanland Oil paintings

140 paintings on display