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Work related to Queen Victoria by Agostino Aglio and others.

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Agostino did some work for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

From the time lime produced by Augustine we have


Fresco for chapel in Reading – painted large picture of the Enthronization of Queen Victoria


Engraved in mezzotint3 by A.Aglio painted portrait of the Queen in state robes. Engraved by Dawe. Painted an elaborate picture representing Pope Leo XII Benediction on Easter Monday at St John the Lateran at Rome.


Exhibited Cartoon at Westminster Hall.

By command of Queen and Prince Consort painted ceiling of the pavilion in the gardens of Royal Buckingham Palace


By command of the Queen and Prince Consort a room and ceiling called the Pompeian Room in the pavilion in encaustic4.

Print below of Queen Victoria's Coronation which is based on an original painting that he did for the Palace. 


Painted and engraved by A.Aglio

 A rough cartoon of this drawing are shown as well.

In the archive there was found also a similar print by Hayter


Painted by Sir George Hayter RAS R
Painter of History and Portraits to her Majesty and Principle Painter in Ordinary
Engraved by Charles Eden Wagstaff

This sketch was also found in the archive with the coronation drawings

Painting by Agostino Aglio

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Also in the archive was found a print of Queen Victoria by Artist unknown as the name is scrubbed out


I quitted Her Majesty's presence impressed with a feeling of deep respect for the frankness, the intelligence, the decision and the firmness which characterised Her Majesty's demeanour - Duke of Wellington


It is known that Agostino painted a room in Buckingham Palace 

This is from the article on Pompeian Revival by John Wilton-Ely  

 In Victorian England, despite a wave of literary enthusiasm 
following Bulwer Lytton’s celebrated novel, The Last Days of Pompeii (1834), the revival was of far less significance. 
Inspired by QueenVictoria’s visit to Pompeii in 1838, Prince Albert commissioned a room in the taste from Agostino 
Aglio for a garden pavilion (1843–5; destr. 1928) Buckingham Palace, London. 

 John Wilton-Ely. "Pompeian Revival." In Grove Art OnlineOxford Art Online,

(accessed September 10, 2009).

  I think the image is from: The Decorations of the Garden-Pavilion in the Grounds of Buckingham Palace.  by Ludwig Gruner. London, J. Murray, 1846  

More about Aglio and Buckingham Palace

There are in the archive numerous letters  to Agostino from the Palace relating to the work in the the 1840's

This letter, written by C.L.Eastlake, an artist with paintings in the Royal Collection and in 1843 the "Keeper of the National Gallery"  refers to talking to Prince Albert about the details of the work that Aglio and artists were going to do to a wall ie  frescos. ..in the Palace.